Shocking Road Rage-Fuelled Crash Escalates Very Quickly

Road rage incidentUNILAD

We’ve all experienced a bit of road rage or traffic tantrum as I’m now calling it, but this guy went on a full road rampage.

In an incident that would look at home in GTA, a guy in a big black Jeep began throwing his toys (in this case some sort of food) out his window at the cars in front of him, screaming profanities.

A Prius driver who unfortunately found himself in front of the Jeep got out of his car and threw the food back, which unexpectedly prompted the Jeep to plough into the stationary Prius.

Luckily an onlooker, Meghan Lattimore, was there to record the shocking series of events for the public, but mainly the poor Prius driver’s insurance.

Guy who has road rage runs over other car.UNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Meghan explained what she saw:

As usual, traffic had backed up late Thursday morning at this particular intersection of Silver Lake Blvd and Sunset Ave in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

The Jeep first began laying on his horn, which was a joke in of itself because it was very clear, no one could move an inch.

He then began yelling profanities, throwing his arms up and then began throwing out his window what looked to be food, maybe bread, at a couple different cars in front of him.

At that point, the owner of the Prius stepped out of his car, yelled back, picked up whatever the Jeep had thrown at his car, threw it back at the Jeep and returned to his car.

And this is when the owner of the Jeep deliberately drove his vehicle into the back of the Prius.

Here is the shocking footage:

Megan explained what made her quickly grab her phone:

I quickly grabbed my phone to start filming for the sake of the Prius owner. I knew this needed to be recorded for evidence.

The Prius owner got out of his car once more, this time in utter shock and disbelief.

He approaches the driver of the Jeep, and that’s when the Jeep starts to ram into the Prius, backing up and ramming into it again, violently tearing off the driver side door and turning into it, forcing the car upon the sidewalk.

Once the Prius owner realises his car has been totalled and there’s nothing he can do, he lets go of the driver and the Jeep continues on but surprisingly pulls over not far ahead in front of the Prius.

This is when I decide to put my car in park, hoping to catch more on video, specifically the owner of the Jeep.

As Meghan got out of her car, she saw the Prius owner ‘shaking in disbelief’ before walking towards the Jeep, which she noticed had no tags on it, so she went towards the passenger window to try and get a shot of the driver.

The driver exited his vehicle and Meghan said she was very surprised by his ‘very cool and collected demeanour’, before she filmed the ID that was around his neck.

The Jeep driver was heard speaking on the phone saying “a guy got out of his car and fucking attacked me so I just took off and rammed his shit – yo, I’m calling the cops you don’t need to do that”. He then flipped his ID card over so that Meghan could get all the details.

Meghan explained what happened after she stopped filming:

I walked back to the Prius owner to see if he was okay. He could barely speak.

I told him I had it all on video, and I’d be more than happy to provide a witness statement. I asked him for his email address and I emailed him the video with my name and number.

A few others approached as well. I believe at this time someone asked if I could move my car off the street and so I did and then rejoined the group. By that time the police had arrived and were speaking to both parties. I showed the video to one police officer and he said to make sure the owner of the Prius got a copy. I told the officer I had already sent him a copy.

I had to leave for a meeting so I left my name and number on a note pad along with 3 other witnesses. All four of us were in shock as to what we had just seen.

We hope the Prius driver is okay and he managed to sort his car out.

Sounds like some anger-management is in order.

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