Sing: It Certainly Has The X Factor

Illumination Entertainment

‘Wildlife has got talent’ in this cute feel-good animation that’ll have you singing and dancing all night long.

If you thought singing contests were dead, well you were wrong.

Sure The X Factor and The Voice are as dull as dishwater but Sing is bringing the format back to life in an imaginative and anthropomorphic way.

Illumination Entertainment

Theatre impresario Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) decides to hold a singing contest for the animals of the city in order to save his theatre from being closed down.

And of course it doesn’t go as expected…

Watching Sing is like being jumped on by a hyperactive jukebox for two hours but you can’t help but enjoy it.

Illumination Entertainment

I mean come on – a pig dancing around a supermarket to the flamenco hit ‘Bamboleo’, what’s not to love!

Sure the constant musical numbers means this isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you go along with it you’ll be left with a ridiculous grin on your face the whole way through.

The soundtrack is pretty impressive with varying styles of music meaning you get everything from Leonard Cohen’s beautiful Hallelujah to Elton John’s I’m Still Standing and Taylor Swift’s pop classic Shake It Off.

Illumination Entertainment

The story may not have much to it but it functions well and keeps us engaged throughout the whole film.

Director Garth Jennings has wowed with his creativity in the past with the fantastic Son of Rambow and he shows off his imagination once again with Sing.

Illumination Entertainment, the people who brought into our lives those pesky but adorable minions, have done a good job with the animation making it bright and colourful like many of the characters’ personalities.

Illumination Entertainment

We meet a whole range of characters, all of whom are given their own personal challenge to overcome.

Meena is a painfully shy elephant, koala Buster Moon is trying to save his theatre, Rosita needs to escape from her 25 piglets and so the list goes on.

There are probably too many characters but each one engages with the audience and they are all likeable.

They are brought to life by a wonderful cast that includes the likes of McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Seth MacFarlane.

Sing may lack a wow factor but it will leave you toe-tapping and humming along with a smile on your face.

Illumination Entertainment