Single Mother Gives Up Food Shopping To Hunt Wild Animals

by : Julia Banim on : 20 Jul 2017 17:42

A single mum from Surrey has swapped supermarkets for hunting and is now serving up meals of wild rabbit, deer and boar for the dinner table.


Lisa Taylor has gained a sizeable following through her Facebook page, Lisa’s Shooting & Hunting Experience, attracting over 15,000 followers.

It is here where she uploads pictures of herself standing beside the wild animals she has killed, often posing with weapons. Sometimes the huntress even posts videos, showing the moment of the kill.

Speaking with UNILAD, Lisa has made the following comment:

I started 3 years ago as I was intrigued with tasting different meats (wild game) as well as learning the skill to hunt.

I hunt deer (venison for my friends and family and it’s a very tasty lean meat).
The field craft skill on stalking a deer makes the whole experience worthwhile.
Humanely shot and butchered by myself and feeds my family.


Cannot end the night without the selfie picture! 😂Worked hard for this fox.. 3 days and finally our path meets/ends.No wastage here – perfectly healthy to feed the goshawk! 👌

Posted by Lisa's Shooting & Hunting Experience on Friday, 30 June 2017

Outdoorsy Lisa manages a deer park and argues that her means of getting food in the fridge is much more humane than eating meat from animals which have lived out miserable, limited lives on factory farms.

According to Lisa, her version of ‘shopping’ is much more ethical:

I dislike buying supermarket meat as I feel as if I’m supporting the negative ongoings of the animals welfare while being in slaughterhouses etc.
I still do eat beef, chicken, lamb and pork but I support my local butchers.

Good evening out!Stocking up rabbit legs for Darla for the season ahead! 🤗

Posted by Lisa's Shooting & Hunting Experience on Friday, 21 July 2017

She also shoots foxes as a way of protecting farm animals. The fox meat is fed to her goshawk, which in turn helps her to hunt rabbits for her own supper. Unlike with mass produced meat, she feels nothing is wasted.

As a single parent, hunting has proved to be a cost effective way for Lisa to provide for her family:

Everything I hunt/shoot I do for the table and it saves me a fortune on buying meat from else where.
I live off the land and I do not waste anything.

I’m not a trophy hunter!

I feel that being a single parent working and hold a (normal paid job) I felt this way I could save some money but hunting my own food.
Anyone who is in my position knows it can be tough on your own. I’ve just bettered my life by providing for my family almost for free.


Fallow Pricket shot 120 yards.Had to wait for safe back stop due to him being in the estate garden by the house eating the plants.Adrenaline pumping made my heart beat hard!! 󾍘

Posted by Lisa's Shooting & Hunting Experience on Thursday, 18 August 2016

What do you think of her reasoning?

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