Snake Has Obama Spelled Out In Its Scales

by : UNILAD on : 14 May 2018 10:56
obama snake scales uniladobama snake scales uniladUNILAD

The old adage that pets look like their owners is going to be put the test after one New Yorker discovered a relative’s python had hints of a certain famous statesman.


Especially because this snake pictured belongs to a Daniella when it has ‘Obama’ spelled out in its scales.

That’s right, this snake has a former President of the United States’ name spelt out down one of its sides. It may not quite be a Theodore Roosevelt reptile but it’s a beast Barack would be proud of.

Here is Aleister in all his glory showing off his scales:

obama snake scales uniladobama snake scales uniladUNILAD

Aleister recently went viral as 27-year-old Amanda, from Rochester, New York, shared a photo of him on Reddit.

She spoke to UNILAD about the now internet famous snake:

My cousin Daniella is the snake owner. Despite recent fame he sticks to his name, Aleister.

It was Daniella who had first noticed Obama in his scales. She states she noticed it a while ago but didn’t think much about it.

She just took the picture for fun and didn’t even think it was that noticeable until she actually looked at the picture and saw how obvious it was.

I saw my cousin’s post on Facebook originally and thought ‘hey, wow that’s interesting’ and wanted to share it with more people who would think the same.

Here is Daniella and Aleister hanging out:

obama snake scales uniladobama snake scales uniladUNILAD

When Amanda posted the photo of Aleister to Reddit she had no idea it would become such a popular post.

She added:

To be honest, I posted this while on my break at work and it had gotten 5,000 upvotes by the time I had the chance to notice it.

I had no idea that many people would find it more than mildly interesting. This is only one of two posts I’ve made on Reddit over the past year so it was pretty exciting to see.

I’m personally a big fan of puns so my favourite was the ‘snakes Obama’ multitude of comments. My cousin on the other hand LOVED the ‘make America snake again’.


Now that is quite the pun!

obama snake scales uniladobama snake scales uniladUNILAD

Unfortunately not everyone online could see the light-hearted side to the post believing Amanda was deliberately attempting to compare Obama to a snake.

Of course there were also plenty of references being made to the wild conspiracy theory the US government is run by lizard people, or to be scientifically accurate ‘reptilians’.

Someone else meanwhile commented ‘snakes would be a huge improvement over our current politicians’.

Clearing everything up, Amanda added:

Most people had made the assumption I intended to compare Obama to a snake. I had later made a comment on the post to clarify that wasn’t my intention. I don’t take sides on the matter, just a funny picture is all.

Daniella personally thinks that as a libertarian it was funny comparing Obama to a snake, but just as amused that some find it almost as a compliment to him. She just wanted to give people a chuckle and the fact it’s gone viral is just a hoot!

We imagine Aleister in basking in his newfound glory right now. Floor more years!


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