Stepdad Goes Viral On News For Hand Gesture Despite Terrible Floods

Tyler Turner standing in American floodsUNILAD

A photo of a man stood in his flooded yard has gone viral on social media for his hilarious hand gesture.

Last month, (May 2018) Myrtle Beach in South Carolina was hit by severe flooding, damaging homes and affecting the lives of thousands of people.

The water in 32-year-old Tyler Turner’s garage was four inches deep, while his entire yard was completely submerged.

Tyler Turner standing in South Carolina FloodsUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Tyler explained how the flooding affected him:

My wife woke me up on Monday morning saying there was water in our garage. I got up thinking it was going to be just a little bit of water but there was about four inches!

I then went outside and our entire yard was submerged! Every time it rains we get a small amount of water that comes in to the garage but nothing like this!

We had a drone, electronics, pictures, power tools and much more that are completely ruined from the water in the garage.

This affects us both financially and emotionally! We bought the house back in October. The previous home owner didn’t tell us anything about flooding.

Noticing his local news outlets were covering the flooding, Tyler thought he’d send in a picture to demonstrate how bad it was in his area.

Tyler Turner South Caroline FloodsUNILAD

As his brother-in-law prepared to take the photo of Tyler stood in the water, he was hit with a brilliant idea.

Having always been a fan of the circle game, Tyler decided to have a bit of fun doing the inverted ‘okay’ hand signal – synonymous with the game which gets us all!

He told us:

Originally I went to just to see how deep the water was but then we decided to send a picture to the news station.

Before he snapped the picture I positioned my hand in the perfect place to get everyone who sees! Haha! Got them!!!

We sent it to the news and they posted it on their page. Then another news station posted it!! And that post blew up even more!!

It was definitely the highlight of my week. Next stop… ELLEN!

I’m not even mad I was caught out by it as Tyler’s subtle signal is genius:

Tyler Turner in south Caroline floodsUNILAD

His stepson, 22-year-old Caustin Sutton, was particularly impressed, sharing screenshots of the news stations’ posts on his Twitter.

Caustin told UNILAD it’s nice to see people are staying light-hearted despite the serious flooding:

I’m devastated that this happened to my mum and stepdad. When my uncle, stepdad and mom told me that this was going to be on the news, I didn’t expect that many people to take notice because, to a lot of people, these issues get swept under the rug.

Even though the picture was light-hearted, I’m glad people are at least paying attention to this and I hope it spreads awareness of the dangers of flooding and other natural disasters.

My family, friends and coworkers are all in on the circle game and so laughed at the picture. I’m glad people are taking notice of my family’s misfortune and they’re able to find the humour in it.

man viral circle game news floods uniladUNILAD

We hope Tyler and his family get back to normal as soon as possible following the flooding.

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