Strangest Christmas-Themed World Records You Didn’t Know About

by : Saman Javed on : 26 Dec 2020 19:25
Strangest Christmas-Themed World Records You Didn't Know AboutGuinness World Records

Some celebrate Christmas by watching their favourite festive films, buying presents, and eating as many mince pies as they can stomach. However, others endeavour to break world records.

While the list of Guinness World Records – Christmas edition, of course – is long, some are far more peculiar than others. We’ve comprised a list of our favourites below.


Largest collection of Nightmare Before Christmas memorabilia

Nightmare before Christmas StillNightmare before Christmas StillBuena Vista Pictures

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 95%, the Nightmare Before Christmas is a staple in our watchlists in the run up to the festive season. For some, like William Wong from China, it is an obsession.

He currently holds the world title for owning the largest amount of Nightmare Before Christmas memorabilia – a whopping 2,020 items. Since starting his collection in 1993, the year before the movie was released, he now has a huge collection including pins, jewellery, collectible mini figures, Christmas ornaments, clothing and even a toilet paper holder.


Oldest Playboy Model posed for a Christmas edition of the magazine

Beeld en Geluid/WikiCommons

In December 2009, Patricia Paay broke a world record when she posed for the Christmas Edition of Playboy Netherlands.

At 60 years old, it made her the oldest model in history to pose for Playboy photographers. It was her third time shooting for the magazine, having previously posed for Playboy in 1984 and 1996.


While the edition featured photos of Paay running naked around the woods of a country house, the magazine has since stopped publishing nude photographs after an announcement in 2016.

Biggest Secret Santa Game

Christmas GiftsPexels

Everyone’s favourite game at Christmas, Secret Santa, is thought to have originated with an American philanthropist named Larry Dean, who came up with the idea of giving Christmas gifts anonymously.


The world record for the largest game of Secret Santa is currently held by the Lexington Catholic High School in the US. In Christmas 2013, exactly 1,463 students and teachers took part in the game, taking the world record.

Most couples kissing under the mistletoe


As part of its celebrations for the festive season, US brewing company Anheuser-Busch took on the Guinness world record of the most kisses under the mistletoe. They managed to get 480 couples to kiss simultaneously at its ‘Brewery Lights’ celebration in Missouri on December 7 last year.


Most people making snow angels simultaneously

Guinness World Records

Possibly one of the best Christmas-themed photographs to exist, this picture was taken in North Dakota in 2007, when 8,692 people simultaneously made snow angels. The event was organised by the State Historical Society of North Dakota and set a new world record.

Smallest Christmas card


In 2017, scientists at the National Physical Laboratory in the UK used beams of ions to create a Christmas card that was just 15×20 micrometres, or 0.0006×0.0009 inches. The card was so small its creators had to use a substrate of platinum-coated silicon nitride to fold the card and etch a greetings message on its inner side.

Dr David Cox, who helped make the card, said the card ‘showcases the progress being made in materials research on this scale’.

‘We are using the tools that created the card to accurately measure the thickness of extremely small features in materials, helping to unlock new battery and semiconductor technologies,’ he added.

The card was so small that when its makers initially tried to photograph it under an electron microscope, it pinged off and was lost somewhere within the microscope itself.

Largest gathering of Santa’s elves

New Line Cinema

While Christmas in Thailand isn’t a particularly cold affair, a grand total of 1,762 people decided to celebrate the occasion by dressing up as Santa’s Elves. The event was organised by Siam Paragon Development Company in 2014, with very strict protocols.

According to the record, the total could have been even higher but 14 participants were disqualified because their costumes weren’t up to scratch.

The longest wish list

Terri C/Pixabay

Most of us have at least one memory of writing out a wish list to Santa Claus, but as all good children do, we likely kept the length of our list to a piece of A4 paper. In 2017, Beijing Hyundai and the Mohe Tourism Bureau in China worked together to create a wish list consisting of 124,969 wishes.

The list took them six days to complete, and was presented at the Santa Village in Mohe on December 28. Some would say this seemed like a lot of effort only to miss Christmas by three days.

Fastest time to carve a turkey


You would think that the record for the fastest time to carve a turkey might be held by a butcher, or chef. In 2009, Paul Kelly from Essex knocked out his competition, carving up the Christmas bird in just three minutes and 19.47 seconds.

Paul is actually a turkey farmer, and hosted the competition  at an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his organic turkey company, KellyBronze. Paul also holds a world record for the fastest time taken to pluck three turkeys.

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