Strongbow Dark Fruits Slushies Exist And They Look Amazing

Strongbow Dark Fruits Slushie Blackhorse Chester-le-street/Facebook

‘Tis the season to be slushy, whether that be your go-to beverage or your summer hits playlist.

Now, cider is undoubtedly a delightful drink at this time of the year; the icier and fruitier the better. But also, slushies are awesome, so how do you decide which way to turn thirst-quenching wise?

Never fear. The Blackhorse pub on Chester-le-street – a very lovely looking pub in Durham, England, have brewed up a delectable summery delight; combining the tart taste of cider with the scrumptious mushiness of a slushie.

Meet the Strongbow Dark Fruit slushie; a berry-licious drink which has just been added to the menu. Summer has officially begun:

It’s defiantly a SLUSH in the BEER GARDENKinda day ? Pic showsStrongbow dark fruits slush Rhubarb and ginger gin slush And midori melon slush ?Many more available!!!!!

Posted by Blackhorse Chester-le-street on Saturday, 5 May 2018

Posted by Blackhorse Chester-le-street on Friday, 4 May 2018

If you aren’t keen on the taste of cider, then there are also blue WKD and Irn-Bru flavours to try, as well as rhubarb and ginger gin and midori melon.

All pallets are most definitely catered for at this innovative establishment, and cheers to that.

Each frosty drink will set you back £6 a pop, but you can get two for £10 which isn’t bad – ideal for when you and a fellow slushie fiend fancy a treat together.

Check out more about alcoholic slushies below:

Regulars are clearly loving this creative take on beer garden bevvies.

One person exclaimed:

I could be doing with one of these

While another drooled: ‘they look lush.’

Strongbow Slushie is now a thingBlackhorse Chester-le-street/Facebook
Strongbow Slushie is now a thingBlackhorse Chester-le-street

However, this isn’t the only excellent pub firing up their slushie machine.

The Frog and Orange in Canterbury, Kent, have also clocked on to the fact Strongbow Dark Fruit is at its finest in slushie form.

Owner of The Frog and Orange, Louise Pilcher, told UNILAD how their wide range of frozen cocktails – which includes cloudy lemonade and rum punch – have already gone down a treat with pub goers, explaining:

The slushies have been so popular and we’ve had to keep up with topping the machine up, it’s been a great weekend to launch this as a new product with the beautiful weather.

We’ve also started branching out into other frozen cocktails this weekend and launched a tropical rum punch which also completely sold out yesterday. We’ve made a new one today with cloudy lemon which has gone down well with vodka, gin or rum!

It's definitely hot enough for slushie today! The machine is on, and today you can find tropical flavour and Strongbow dark fruit!

Posted by The Frog and Orange on Saturday, 5 May 2018

Mmm, Rum Punch ??

Posted by The Frog and Orange on Saturday, 5 May 2018

For those fancying a drink in the comfort of their own back garden, you can grab an iconic Slush Puppy Machine from ASOS for the surprisingly reasonable price of £59.99. Perfect for when you want your summer party to be a little bit on the quirky side.

The machine can whip up a whole litre worth of slush, so there’ll be plenty to go around. Oh, and it comes with ten cups too, which is nice and handy.

All you have to do is purchase some official syrup – sadly not included but available at Menkind quite cheapish – and voila.

Frozen Alcoholic Slushie Drinksmrbarryquinn •/Instagram

It seems we’re all about the slushies this summer. Coca Cola is set to launch its first Coke slushie and it sounds so fabulous, I’m genuinely surprised it’s only just been invented.

Available across Japan in picnic friendly pouches, this icy delight will have all the, frankly underrated, flavourings of lemon-flavoured Coke.

Oh and if you happen to live in Japan then they’ll be sold at the recommended retail price of 130 yen ($1.21), which isn’t bad at all.

Do you know of a great pub with an unbeatable summer drinks menu in your area? Let us know!

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