Student Goes Bald On Facebook And Looks Exactly Like Her Dad

girl facebook dad doubleUNILAD

Have you ever looked at a photo of either your mum or dad and thought, ‘wow, I really do look like them’?

Of course we all inherit a feature here and a feature there from our family but only on the odd occasion do kids look exactly like one of their parents.

While 20-year-old Brooke Aspinall, an accounting student at Leeds Beckett University, is often told she resembles her dad, she never really pays attention to the comments or believes them.

However, a viral trend on Facebook has completely changed her outlook on the resemblance to her dad, Guy.

girl facebook dad doubleUNILAD

Scrolling through Facebook one day, Brooke noticed a lot of people on her timeline were sharing their ‘what would you look like bald’ posts.

Bored and looking for something to do, Brooke clicked on the link completely unprepared for the results.

It turns out a bald Brooke is the spitting image of her father confirming what people have told her. Honestly they could be twins!

Here is what Brooke would look like bald according to the test:

girl bald dad doubleUNILAD

And here is her dad:

girl bald dad doubleUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Brooke said she couldn’t stop laughing when she saw the result.

She told us:

I decided to give it a try thinking the outcome would be funny but little did I expect to look exactly like my dad!

As soon as I saw it I couldn’t stop laughing so I shared it on my Facebook and tagged my dad because I knew he’d find it just as funny as me. He commented loads of laughing faces, along with my grandma (dad’s mum) who couldn’t believe the resemblance!

I’ve always been told I looked like my dad but little did I know a funny link on Facebook making me bald would prove that.

I sent it my friends who found it just as funny as me. We couldn’t believe that I literally looked exactly like him. The funniest part was that if I went bald I’d look like a man (my dad). I could’ve at least looked like my mum.

Knowing that she just had to share the photo with the world, Brooke posted it on Twitter writing ‘did that bald post look exactly like my dad ahah logging off’.

girl double dadUNILAD

Receiving 135 likes at time of writing (September 4), Brooke realised this meant there is a real resemblance.

She’s now hoping she doesn’t lose her hair anytime soon:

I didn’t expect the tweet to get the favourites it did, not that it’s even that many, but I realised, the more it got, just how funny it was that I literally look the bang same as him!

The more I looked at it, the more I laughed.

I’d seen a lot of people sharing theirs, but the resemblance between me and my dad was too much. I am literally a mini Guy Aspinall haha! Lets hope I don’t go bald any time soon.

I think Brooke would agree that was enough internet for one day.

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