Student Hides Naked Picture Of Himself In Halls, Random Person Finds It And Responds Perfectly


It’s well known people do crazy things at university but I don’t think many of us have hidden a naked photo in our halls!

Which is exactly what Joe Owen, a 21-year-old advertising student at Manchester Metropolitan University, decided to do for a bit of fun, because why not!

After his friends decided to turn a naked photo of Joe into a hilarious poster which read ‘Joe Owen, a man to give you a night in paradise’ including his phone number underneath, he thought it would be funny to hide one of these in his university room.

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He told UNILAD:

I didn’t make the poster. My best mate came up to visit me at university a few months before I hid it and he brought up like 50 of these posters and just put them all over the flat.

He ended up taking them to a club with us and putting them up in there and giving them to the bar staff who found my embarrassment funny and put them up behind the bar.

I just thought it would be funny but throughout the year it seemed impossible because of the end of year inspections. So anything I hid was going to most likely be found.

Then one day my blind got jammed and I forced it up and the corner bit came off and I saw the gap. Something just clicked and I knew that was going to be the best place I could find.

Hiding it in the blind quite frankly was genius!

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Knowing it was well hidden, Joe was then concerned no one would find the picture, leaving his joke without its much needed punchline.

He was also worried the room would be refurbished meaning ‘the joke would be lost forever’ but he still hoped to receive ‘a random call’ from someone asking ‘hey, is this Joe the naked poster guy?’

Although Joe never received that call he did meet a stranger in a nightclub who just so happened to be living in his old room:

I met her on a night out for my mate’s 20th. I only came up from home for the one night and met her in the same club that my mate handed out the posters in the first place, it was such a coincidence. It was like the universe wanted it to be found!

My mate told me the next day that the girl from the night before lived in my room and I asked her what she meant and she said your exact room in halls.

I didn’t really believe her because what are the chances I bump into, talk to and get the Snapchat of the exact person who lived in my room considering the amount of students in Manchester.

I messaged her and asked her if she lived in number 16 and asked her which room she was in. She told me and I still couldn’t believe it.

As Joe says the incredible coincidence meant this must have been destiny!

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Desperate to ask her to look at the blinds but also afraid he might come across as odd, Joe chatted to Hannah and then asked: “I’ve got a bit of an odd request, the corner part of your blind comes off, can you just check if there’s anything in there?”

Responding with a photo of the blind captioned with several question marks, it was clear Hannah was very confused and when she opened up the poster even more so!

Sending him a photo of the naked picture she simply wrote ‘WTF’!

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She then added:

What the f*** in absolute shock! Did anyone else leave notes in their blinds?

That’s so f***ing weird.

Weird but brilliant!

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Joe was of course over the moon that someone found his picture telling UNILAD:

It’s honestly made my year! I was sat nursing a crazy hangover on the train and it just made me so happy it was unreal.

Happy that I was the one to get the punchline as well as see someone’s reaction to finding the poster after a year of it being there.

It made all the hangover pain go away. I was messaging everyone who knew about the poster saying ‘SOMEONE FOUND IT’.

Clearly excited he even took to Twitter to share the hilarious story.

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Sharing photos of Hannah’s reaction, he wrote:

Right so last year I was in halls and thought it would be funny to hide a poster of me naked for the next person to live there to find when I left.

I met a girl last night and turns out she now lives in my old room. I told her to check her blind…

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Hannah even told Joe she decided to put it up on the noticeboard in her flat for everyone to see.

Although he found this funny he admitted he ‘won’t be going anywhere near those halls for a while’.

With Hannah promising to put it back in her blind for the next ‘lucky tenant’ to discover, Joe is ‘still hoping for that phone call out of the blue in five years time’.

We hope you get it, Joe!

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