Student Nurse Sends Tragic Final Text To Ex-Boyfriend Before Killing Herself

Lucy de Oliveira Facebook

An inquest has heard how a depressed student nurse took her own life shortly after breaking up with her boyfriend.

Lucy de Oliveira took her own life at her student home in February this year.

The second-year Liverpool John Moores University nursing student had recently broken up with her boyfriend and  had a history of anxiety and depression.

Lucy de Oliveira Facebook

Lucy sent a tragic message to her ex before she died, according to the Liverpool Echo, telling him:

I just want it to end, I want it to end.

At the inquest, a forensic pathology registrar said Lucy died of asphyxiation, but that she had also overdosed on painkillers.

Although the dose could have been fatal, Lucy died before they could do any damage to her body.

Posted by Lucy de Oliveira on Sunday, 17 May 2015

Lucy’s heart-broken mother paid an emotional and touching tribute to her ‘beautiful and intelligent’ daughter.

Speaking to UNILAD Liz said:

She was such a lovely person, beautiful inside and out.

It’s a complete tragedy, not only for us, but she touched the lives of so many, she was well respected and well thought of.

Everybody thinks their child is special, but Lucy really was, she had a light about her, not just in her beauty – she was one of the most special people you could meet and everyone says that.

Everybody who knew her is heartbroken and shocked – I just wish she’d spoken up.

Liz de Oliveira

At the inquest, Liz was made aware of a failed suicide attempt by Lucy back in August.

She believes more needs to be done to not only tackle the stigma regarding mental health but to help those who are suffering:

Why can’t people open up about their problems without being judged – society needs to be far more open about mental health.

We need to change the public’s perception of these illnesses and those suffering need to know that they shouldn’t do so in silence.

We could have got Lucy some help if she’d spoken up sooner!

Liz de Oliveira

Liz spoke about Lucy with fond memories, saying she wants to focus on the type of person she was rather than how she died.

Liz told UNILAD of one childhood memory that she believes shows how kind-natured her daughter was:

I was a single parent in a housing association house in Kidderminster and we had a heroin addict living opposite.

He had a child whose mum had died and she had rags for clothes and was covered in lice, so Lucy brought her home and said to me ‘her mum’s dead’.

We brought her up for years – she was like a step-sister to Lucy and a step-daughter to me.

Liz de Oliveira

Anita Bhardwaj, the area coroner for Liverpool and Wirral concluded that Lucy took her own life:

There’s no doubt she carried out the act herself and messages sent shortly before her death indicate a wish to take her own life.

Lucy was a bright, intelligent 22-year-old with a medical history of depression and anxiety.

It is so tragic – she had a bright future ahead of her.

Posted by Lucy de Oliveira on Monday, 18 January 2016

Lucy’s mother Liz continued:

It was the worst day of my life finding out about Lucy’s death and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy – I saw her the day before she died and she seemed fine.

People need to start talking about mental health and get rid of the stigma attached

If you need to speak to someone, Samaritans are available 24/7 by calling 116 123 or by emailing [email protected]