Student’s Surprise For Everyone At School Backfires Massively When Police Get Involved

by : UNILAD on : 30 Mar 2018 16:58

A Kentucky student had state police knocking on his parent’s front door at midnight after a Snapchat he sent.


Jonathon Coffing, from Radcliff, posted a photo of himself showing only the bottom of his face, and captioned it: ’bout to be surprising everyone at school tomorrow’.

The very innocent school pupil, who dreams of being in the navy, shaved his hair into a buzz cut – which was the surprise.


Given the current situation in the US with school shootings, someone from his school saw the Snapchat story and reported him to the police.


Speaking to UNILAD, self-titled pacifist Jonathon said:

It was midnight the same night I posted it they came knocking at the door of my parent’s house.

I was in bed so my dad came and woke me up. I came down and they said they got an anonymous report I posted something on Snapchat that was apparently threatening.

I told them I didn’t mean anything by it and I was just talking about my haircut.

They had me show them what it was and make a statement talking about how I didn’t mean anything threatening and how there wasn’t any ulterior motive to me posting it.

When Jonathon first saw the police he said he ‘wanted to throw up’ and found it ‘extremely frightening’ because it was the first time he’d ‘ever had a run in like that with the police’.


Jonathon’s brother, Caleb, saw his Snapchat story and immediately shared the ‘ridiculous situation’ he’d got himself into to Twitter.

Caleb told UNILAD:

I was scrolling through my snapchat stories and saw my brother’s. I saw the first snap saying he had a surprise and was curious as to what the surprise could’ve been.

So tapped next on his story to see the next snap stating he’d been contacted by the police for his previous snap about his surprise.


Caleb continued to UNILAD:

I instantly started cracking up at the ridiculous situation my brother got himself into and the preposterous notion he would intentionally harm anyone.

I can definitely understand the concern given the current climate in America but I feel it was a bit of comic relief to such a tense topic.

Here’s the haircut which sparked the whole thing:


After the police left, Jonathon and his dad had a good laugh about the hilarious situation – and so did many others – as the Twitter post got 121k retweets and 429k likes.

As tends to happen in America, the same day, Jonathon’s school was put under lock down after an individual was found with a gun on school grounds.

The suspect was later apprehended by police at the school.

It’s worth nothing we’re only 12 weeks into 2018 and there’ve already been 17 school shootings in America, where someone was hurt or killed – this averages out to 1.4 shootings a week.

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