Stunning Shot Of Deer Outside Windsor Castle Like Something Out Of A Fairy Tale

Colin Roberts

An amateur photographer has captured the most breathtaking shots of deer in the morning mist in front of Windsor Castle.

The charming photos were taken well before sunrise when Colin Roberts struck lucky as deer gathered on the main walkway in front of the Queen’s Berkshire home, and a fairy tale-like mist wandered among them.

Though it seems like a ‘right place at the right time’ moment, Colin was actually very prepared and had checked the weather thoroughly, and these photos were a third attempt at the deer park.

Here is a piece of Colin’s footage from the beautiful scene…

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Speaking to UNILAD, 37-year-old Colin said:

Visiting Windsor and specifically the long walk and deer park is fairly regular, when I have free time I’ll often get up early and make my way there.

I’m very prepared, I check the weather thoroughly, and can gauge more or less what it will be like in the morning. Don’t get me wrong it’s not always perfect and there’s still an element of luck. The long walk has bodies of water at various points to the side which when the temperatures are right often produces mist. This is the ideal from a photography point of view.

I’ve been three times over the last couple of weeks, the first I couldn’t get in as they had started to lock the gates due to mushroom poaching. I spoke to warden who gave me the nod of one gate that’s left open. The second trip was a good sunrise but no mist and the third trip was spectacular and produced most of the recent images.
They are some of the best I’ve done at that location. I was there well before sunrise, there were no other people around and had the deer park to myself.

Without the disturbance of people the deer tend to congregate on the long walk. Being the first person there produced those spectacular images.

Colin went on to describe how he feels after his photos have received so much recognition:

It’s been really good. I also had a spread in the LA and New York time around 18 months ago as part of a Visit Britain campaign. Any publicity around my work is amazing and I am particularly pleased with the response to these images. Makes getting up at some ridiculous time in the morning worthwhile.

I’ve been taking photos for around 20 years or so alongside my day job. But as family we’re super proud of the opportunities my photography and certainly Instagram brings us. I’ve worked with many brands including Visit Britain, Land Rover, Sony, Jack Wills, KitSound, to name just a few as well as being invited to events and offered free days out.

Windsor Great Park is 4,800 acres of sweeping parkland with a population of about 500 red deer established by Park Ranger H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh. The current herd are all descendants of 40 hinds and two stags that were introduced in 1979.

Colin doesn’t do photography full-time, but it seems he should quit the day job.