Supertroopers 2 Director’s Favourite Joke Is A Message For Danny DeVito

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Alright meow, we’ve all been very patient in the UK, but tomorrow (June 15) Super Troopers 2 will finally play to UK audiences!

The long awaited, and carefully cultivated sequel to Super Troopers opened on 4/20 to US cinemagoers, but it’s been 17 years, what’s two more months?

Director Jay Chandrasekhar is only too aware of the perils of a comedy sequel, but since 2001, believes the experience gained meant Broken Lizard could successfully follow their first cult hit.

Chandrasekhar told UNILAD:

It’s tough to write comedy sequels because people experience the original at a certain time of their life, and then they move on, mature, have children and whatever.

This one in particular was 15 [years in the making]. It was a high risk endeavour because we knew if we made a bad sequel, not only would it be a bad movie but it would probably also ruin people’s memories of the first movie.

So we decided to just not worry about ‘the sequel’ of it all and just make another cop story, you know? NYPD Blue and Law and Order, they made probably 200-250 of those, so we thought let’s make just one more cop story, it’ll be starring these characters and once we have a good script that tells this story we’ll go back and paint in references to the first movie.

While some things change those jokes are potent as ever in Super Troopers 2 and it is by no coincidence. After getting the film into production following a successful crowdfunding campaign, Broken Lizard had just 28 days in which to film.

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It is no less time than the original film needed to shoot, but ambitions were high for the return of Vermont’s finest state troopers.

Chandrasekhar explained:

This is a very tight script, we crowdfunded this movie so we didn’t have a ton of money. We shot the first one in 28 days and we shot the second one in 28 days.

The second one was far more complicated – we certainly had many cuts of the movie but there is not a ton of material that we left out.

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In the latest film Thorny and the rest of the team are set at odds with a patrol of Mounties having ventured into Canada, sort of.

The members of Canada’s Mounted Police do introduce a new gag that you certainly won’t be able to miss, and it’s actually Chandrasekhar’s ‘favourite bit in the movie’.

Not only that, but it’s actually just for Danny DeVito’s benefit!

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The director told us:

It’s probably the Danny Devito bit. We’re not even in it!
What happened was, I’m in a union called the Directors Guild, and the Directors Guild has a dinner every year.

I saw Danny DeVito at the cocktail party, his company , Jersey Films, was a producer on the first film.

So, I’ve been writing cheques twice a year, big cheques and sending them to Danny DeVito. So I see him and I say ‘Oh God, hey Danny I’m Jay Chandrasekhar, you produced Super Troopers! He goes ‘Oh yeah, yeah, I was involved with that film, that’s on my list of movies to watch!’

Just his company’s name was on it, it was other executives who made that happen, but I couldn’t believe that I’d been writing him this many cheques and he’d never seen the film.

So I was joking with the other guys during filming about how Danny DeVito didn’t know who we were, he was just cashing our cheques, so we wrote this scene into Super Troopers 2 that was hopefully designed to make him see the second movie.

I mean, we said his name like 10 times! I figured, y’know, he’d finally see it.

Erik Stolhanske as 'Rabbit' in Super Troopers 2Fox Searchlight

A relief for all fans of the original flick, Super Troopers 2 doesn’t sacrifice any of the humour Broken Lizard’s cult following love, to avoid heat for pushing boundaries.

He explained of continuing to take risks:

What I said to myself was ‘look, we wrote 37 drafts and these are the jokes we want to tell and these are the jokes I’m willing to take heat for, and stand behind.’

So, if you’re offended by this joke, OK. That is still the joke I wanted to make – it lasted 37 drafts!

You can’t really be a comic and worry. Sometimes you going to step out to an edge that you don’t know. You step out onto that plank and you don’t know if it’s gonna fall off, and that is where the exciting stuff is.

So, what is left to do but head to the pictures, pick up a litre o’ cola, sit back and enjoy!

Super Troopers 2 hits UK Cinemas June 15, 2018.