Teen Loses 6.5 Stone In 3 Months And Is Now Royal Marine

James Tilley

Anyone who has ever weighed more than they would like to understands just how much determination and self-discipline it can take to shed those pesky pounds.

Like many teenagers, James Tilley enjoyed chowing down on junk food, including plenty of pizza lunches. At just 16-years-old, he weighed in at 17-stone consuming 5,000 calories each day.

He was the class clown at school, but beneath his funny exterior, he was severely lacking in self esteem. He felt too conscious about his size to go swimming with his friends, and was way too shy to chat to girls.

Amazingly, James was able to drop 6.5 stone in the space of just 3 months, trimming an impressive ten inches from his waist in order to achieve his ambition of joining the Royal Marines.

James achieved this by curbing his binge eating and making sure to exercise every day. After his initial three month weight loss, James slimmed down to 10.5 stone, with a noticeably narrower 30 inch waist.

Motivated James was able to pass the intense selection tests, and proceeded to serve in the Royal Marines from 2011 to 2015, even becoming part of the elite Royal Marine Commandos.

However, this was only the beginning of his fitness journey. At the age of 24, James is completely unrecognisable, with an extremely strong and athletic body.

Speaking with UNILAD, a now very muscly James has explained how his current healthy appearance is the result of hard work in the long-term:

The 6 and a half stone was a 12 week weight loss but to build up to now has taken many years of persistent hard gym work and keeping on top of my nutrition.

In regards to nutrition and supplementation I do remain natural and use natural supplements such as protein powders etc. to help meet my macronutrient and health needs.

James keeps up a high protein diet from online healthy retailer Musclefood.com. His meals include oats for breakfast and three servings of chicken & rice with a portion of eggs for his evening meal.

James’ new found confidence has even brought romance into his life. He met his now fiancé Emma after she discovered his Instagram.

Emma is a hugely supportive part of James’ life in many ways, helping him to reach his goal of opening and running his own gym.

James is now happy to help others achieve their fitness transformations. As well as running Sui Generis Gym, he also has his own YouTube channel where he offers advice on all aspects of health and nutrition.

Check out James’ guide to pizza on a diet below:

James’ inspiring story just shows how you should never, ever give up on your ideal life.