Teen Recreates The Office Intro When Left In Charge At Work For The Day

by : Emily Murray on : 06 Aug 2018 17:31
the office american parodyUNILAD

Even if you prefer the original UK series, the American version of hit comedy show The Office is undeniably loved.

Depicting the everyday lives of office employees at a branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, The Office wasn’t just a popular television show as it made it’s way into our lives in other ways.


Arguably the most giffed television show ever, online you will be unable to escape Office related memes while the real world is populated by people with Dunder Mifflin related paraphernalia.

Some dedicated fans even recreate scenes from the show with incredible results:

Being put in charge for the day at his place of work, Wet ‘n’ Wild Waterworld in Anthony, Texas, 18-year-old Luis Escamilla from Las Cruces, New Mexico, decided to have some fun with his colleagues.


A fan of The Office, Luis, who normally works as a cashier or cook, came up with the idea of recreating the intro to the hit show at his place of work.

Discussing the idea with his co-workers, they were more than up for it and so Luis shot and edited the hilarious video on his phone.

the office intro parodyUNILAD

Entitled The Ribbit, named after The Ribbit Cafe where Luis works within the waterpark, the video is the perfect parody featuring shot-for-shot scenes and fast-paced zooming.


Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Luis admitted his favourite part though is getting his colleagues involved.

He said:

We decided to make it because we all love The Office and it was going to be really fun.

My favourite part of the video has to be the footage of my co-workers. People keep saying David looks like Martin Starr and it’s the best thing ever!

Besides, if it wasn’t for him, Iris, and Arlette, it wouldn’t have even happened.

the office intro parodyUNILAD

Proud of his work, Luis shared it on Reddit and naturally it went viral receiving over 40,000 upvotes at time of writing (August 6).

Luis confessed to UNILAD, he was astounded at how much love the video was getting:

I did not expect this at all so I’m currently speechless because two of my major interests are filming and editing, and getting all this support from the community is amazing!

We are currently talking about making it an actual thing!

My co-workers were really happy to be involved and they can’t believe how big this has become and all the positive feedback we’re getting!

Also, I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but today we were way busier than usual!

To be honest, if I lived nearby I would head to the waterpark just to me Luis and co. as they sound like good fun!

the office american parodyUNILAD

After the video went viral, it caught the eye of Wet ‘n’ Wild Waterworld’s marketing team who loved it.

Soon everyone at the waterpark had heard about the video as Luis explained:

My supervisor actually found out about the video because our marketing team contacted her thinking she knew about it.

She came to work today and asked me so I showed it to her and she loved it! In fact, not only did my supervisor see it, but the actual owners of the park did too!

Good work Luis! I am sure you will be employee of the year!

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