The Inbetweeners Turns Ten-Years-Old This Year


Ah The Inbetweeners – never has such an accurately ugly depiction of modern day British schooling been hoist onto our television screens.

Will, Jay, Neil, and Simon unified the nation, as we all laughed at the painfully relatable scenes, (so we didn’t cry), when the first season of The Inbetweeners aired on Channel 4 on Thursday nights in May 2008.

It was the 1 May to be exact and little did we know, our entire bank of school references and anecdotes would fuse with the experiences of these four tragic but flawless sixth form students.

Here’s the trailer for the first film…

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This year, the series turns 10 years old.

Since Will’s ‘First Day’ episode, there’ve been three series’ of the TV show, followed by two feature length films which smashed the box offices.

Around the same time, Skins also graced our screens.

It was fun to watch those teens live their excessive lives in Bristol, but The Inbetweeners offered us a picture of the more dull and drab scenes  we actually experienced in adolescence, as opposed to the more decadent lifestyle we wished we had.


Looking back on the show, there were some very clever decisions made in order to make it so authentic.

Greg Davies, who played Mr Gilbert on the show, was actually a real-life teacher for 13 years prior to becoming a stand-up comedian and actor – probably why he had a real look of exasperation in his eye?

It’s hard to imagine someone other than Simon Bird playing Will, but Matt Smith from Doctor Who, actually made it down to the last two people in auditions.

Eventually, they realised Smith was too handsome and heroic and nowhere near pathetic enough for the part.


Many of the scenes were inspired by the real inbetweeners who wrote the show, with the show’s creators admitting the programme was pretty autobiographical.

Scenes, including the awkward Thorpe Park episode, where Will shouts at the children with Down’s Syndrome sitting at the front of the rollercoaster, actually happened in their pasts.

Iain Morris, the show’s creator, once told his mates he was going out with a girl who later turned up on their school’s blind date show saying she was ‘single and up for fun’, just like Will with Charlotte in the show.

The other creator, Damon Beesley, was once masturbated on the side of a dance floor in front of his friends, as well as being bought an offensive yellow car by his parents, just like Simon.


Many of the other scenes make me recoil in awkwardness, so you’d hope they wouldn’t be based in truth?

However the memorable ‘Ooh, friend’ scene, which resulted in Jay jumping on the bonnet of his ‘football friend’s’ car, was also based on truth.

Damon Beesley admitted he once jumped up and down on the bonnet of a car shouting ‘Friend, friend’ at one of his mates.


Sadly the release of The Inbetweeners 2 in 2011 spelled the end of our favourite boys together and we’ll truly miss Jay’s fictional tales, Will’s anxious mind, Simon’s pathetic demeanour and Neil’s endearing idiocy.

However, Joe Thomas, who plays Simon, hinted the Pussay Patrol could make a comeback.

Despite being too old to imitate sixth formers, he said they could return as men who are married with kids.

Here’s to hoping!