The Internet Is God Damned Amazing, And Here’s Why


It’s safe to say that the Internet, from its humble beginnings as a way for scholars to communicate around the world, to its current incarnation as the most dominant spreader of ideas the planet has ever known, is probably one of the best inventions ever – right up there with sliced bread, penicillin and writing.

Most of us use it every day of our lives for a whole wealth of amazing things.

And, whether you’re just playing games, reading the news or looking something up, the internet is pretty God damned amazing…

You Can Keep In Touch With Family From Anywhere In The World

Communication that, as recently as 100 years ago, would have taken weeks to accomplish or was inordinately expensive, can now be carried out instantly and cheaply which is great news for anyone hoping to keep in contact with a relative or friend overseas.

Emigrating in the age of the Internet doesn’t mean never seeing each other again and only reconnecting when our forebears tearfully meet up years later through a family tree program.

The Entire World Of Information Is Available Instantly

Want to learn how the Byzantine empire collapsed or how to chop a courgette? The Internet will provide the answer to literally every question imaginable, meaning nobody has to suffer in ignorance or pay thousands for an education anymore.

Just make sure you don’t source all your info from Wikipedia!

It Offers A Platform For Subjugated Groups To Communicate


The Arab Spring, LGBT rights and any number of social justice issues have all been increasingly more visible and successful thanks to utilising the platform that the Internet can provide.

Before the Internet, marginalised groups would have to risk violence and even death whenever they tried to congregate and push through their rights, whereas thanks to the advent of sites like Facebook and Twitter, people can now communicate and organise without any fear of physical repercussions.

You Can Buy Everything You Need Without Leaving Your Home

Want to buy an original pressing of Dark Side of the Moon without having to first track it down, then go to the shop or collector’s house?

Fancy buying some weed without ever having to expose yourself to the potential violence of criminal gangs?

Well, simply have a search on the world’s most widespread market place and find what you’re looking for without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home!

You Can Find Your Soul Mate

Online dating is no longer a taboo activity carried out by lonely World of Warcraft fans but probably the most widely used method of finding love in existence today.

Pretty much the entire adult population between the age of 18 and 30 will have used some form of hook-up app or dating website to find love. Never before has it been easier to meet someone who you can settle down with.

Anyone Can Use It

Once you’re able to read and have an Internet connection and a device on which to browse, literally anybody is able to use the web.

Unlike other forms of media, like books or TV, the Internet is a purely interactive medium that is not the sole outlet for wealthy elites or the highly educated. That’s democracy in action!