The Lego Batman Movie: Everything Is Still Awesome!

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Subversive, unexpectedly emotional and hilarious, The Lego Batman Movie has it all and will be the most fun you have at the cinema this year.

You have never seen Batman done like this before, trust me!

After The Lego Movie surprised pretty much everyone by being awesomely splendid in 2014, it wasn’t long until it was announced that Will Arnett’s Batman will get his own film.

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Arguably the best character from the movie made out of bricks, Batman is now back on our screens as he deals with the criminals of Gotham City.

Not only does our caped crusader have to battle with the likes of the Joker, but he also has to face his most testing challenge yet, raising the orphan boy that he adopted.

The Lego Batman Movie is much more than just an animated superhero film; it is a parody of the genre that has a heart of gold.

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There really is something for everyone to enjoy.

The movie pokes fun at pretty much everybody from Daleks and Gremlins to rival DC superheroes but it’s done in such an amusing way all the nerds in the audience will be laughing hard at the non-stop gags.

A particularly sly and witty joke about that dreadful Suicide Squad film really got the audience whooping and cheering.

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Fans of the caped crusader will rejoice at the many references to previous Batman films, and television shows, which are littered throughout.

The superhero genre has often been criticised as being ‘overdone’ and ‘cliché’ but The Lego Batman Movie feels rather fresh being a feature-length imaginative parody, think a more child-friendly version of last year’s superb Deadpool.

Even though this is a film that adults can enjoy, it is still ultimately a kids’ animation filled with cute characters and bouncy songs that is bright, colourful and most importantly fun.

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Not everything is a laugh though as the film sensitively and wonderfully tackles topics such as family, loneliness and friendship giving the film much needed heart.

The storyline can certainly be criticised for being too busy but it is still easy to follow and means that we get to meet a whole range of characters.

Every villain and superhero crops up at some point but each one is superbly brought to life, well animated life, by a wonderful cast that includes the likes of Zach Galifianakis, Ralph Fiennes and Michael Cera.

The Lego Batman Movie breathes new life into the superhero genre and even though to a certain extent the film only exists to sell toys, if you go along for the ride it certainly is a fun rollercoaster.

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