The Mandalorian Chapter 11: ‘The Heiress’ Review

by : Tom Percival on : 13 Nov 2020 17:09
The Mandalorian Chapter 11: ‘The Heiress’ ReviewThe Mandalorian Chapter 11: ‘The Heiress’ ReviewDisney+

After making us question our undying love of The Child last week, The Mandalorian is back again for another weekly instalment – and this episode is the best one yet. 

The story picks up exactly where we left off, with Mando, The Child and Frog Lady – yep that’s the character’s name – limping towards the moon of Trask in the damaged Razor’s Crest.


After a bit of a bumpy landing on the wet and wild moon, Mando reunites his amphibious passenger with her husband – the imaginatively named Frog Man – who points our helmet-headed hero in the direction of a local cantina inn with the promise that someone in there knows about the remaining Mandalorians.

Sure enough, Mando’s barely got his spurred boots though the door when some Quarren (squid men basically) tell him that the others of his kind are just a boat ride away. So begins the week’s adventure, with Mando and The Child setting sail to find the missing Mandalorians.

Will our hero find them? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out…


As I said earlier, I think this is probably the best episode we’ve had in season two; The Heiress offered a fun, swashbuckling adventure, some gasp-out-loud thrills and a final action sequence that would compete with anything we’ve seen in the main Star Wars movies.


It was also nice that we finally know where this season is going. While it’s not been a massive problem for me, the first two episodes felt a bit disconnected from the events of the first season, and I’m glad we finally have a sense of direction beyond ‘find the Mandalorians’.

I’m also glad that the show has started to tie itself more and more to the wider Star Wars franchise by introducing new versions of characters we’ve seen in other media.


I was initially worried that including characters we’d seen in comics and cartoons would be confusing fan service, but the writing is elegant enough to sidestep these issues by only telling you what you need to know about a specific character at that moment.


So while hardcore fans will no doubt be delighted to see their old favourites returning, those like me who don’t know their Clone Wars from their Rebels won’t be left scratching their heads, wondering who the hell these people are supposed to be.

Speaking of returning favourites, it was nice to hear Giancarlo Esposito’s dulcet tones again, even if we didn’t really get to see him. I’ve been wondering what he’s been up to since the end of the first season, and it’s good to know he’s still working on his Empire 2.0.


One thing I really appreciated in his episode, though, was the action. The Mandalorian has always been an action-packed show, but director Bryce Dallas Howard took things to a whole new level in this episode.

I don’t want to say too much and spoil things, but there’s one gunfight towards the end that competes with IG-11’s ‘nanny rampage’ in season one as my favourite set piece in the show’s history.


If I had one complaint about this episode, it’s that I really don’t appreciate seeing The Child put in danger – and he’s in an awful lot of danger in this episode.


I honestly can’t cope when I think he’s going to get hurt, and yes, I am a 31-year-old man who knows it’s just a green rubber puppet being thrown around a green screen set, but goddamnit if I didn’t gasp out loud when it looked as though the little tyke had just eaten his last frogspawn.

As I said earlier, Chapter 11: The Heiress is probably the best episode of season two, although with what they tease at the end of this episode, I’m confident next week’s might outdo it.

The Mandalorian season 2 is streaming now exclusively on Disney with new episodes every Friday.

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