The Most Explosive Action Scenes You Can Now Watch On Star On Disney+

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The Most Explosive Action Scenes You Can Now Watch On Star On Disney+Star on Disney+

Disney+ subscribers can now get their hands on a whole new world of entertainment with Star. To celebrate, we’ve gathered the best action set-pieces you should be checking out.


Above all else, film and TV should be an escape from normal life. Amid the stress of reality, venturing into a world of fire, bullets and chaos tailor-made to make us whoop and holler is the best catharsis we could ask for. Action, for lack of a better word, is good.

While Disney+ has no shortage of incredible thrills, especially within its MCU catalogue and adventures in a galaxy far, far away, Star is bringing a host of classic, compelling content to the platform. From John McClane to Jack Bauer, from William Wallace to Cameron Poe, we’ve handpicked the best action set-pieces to watch on Star.




Helstrom, a spooky, dark series, follows Daimon and Satana Helstrom, two siblings who are the offspring of a ‘mysterious and powerful’ serial killer and team up to fight demons and other supernatural pests.

As you’d expect, there’s action a-plenty throughout the first season. It’s hard to nail down one specific set-piece, so let’s just say it’s pretty much every single time Daimon uses his demonic powers, which range from telekinesis to manipulating fire.


The Most Explosive Action Scenes You Can Now Watch On Star On Disney+Star on Disney+

JB is a great set of initials for heroes: James Bond, Jason Bourne, and in 24‘s case, the irreplaceable Jack Bauer. Now, you can revisit the pulse-pounding experience of every season with Star.

It’s an iconic series, and how could we pick an action set-piece without Kiefer Sutherland’s badass operative. In season eight, we watch Jack methodically, brutally tear apart a presidential motorcade, using every weapon in his arsenal.

The X-Files

The Most Explosive Action Scenes You Can Now Watch On Star On Disney+Star on Disney+

When talking about aliens and extraterrestrial government conspiracies, The X-Files is arguably the single most iconic show of all time. Far and wide, people know what you mean when you say: ‘The truth is out there.’

While the series is best known for the fantastic relationship between Mulder and Scully, as well as its creepy, atmospheric stories, there’s some terrific, sometimes harrowing action. For example, season four’s ‘Home’ is basically a reimagined Texas Chainsaw Massacre. With Star, you’ll have nine seasons of paranormal investigations at your fingertips.


Star on Disney+

Lost is one of those culturally ubiquitous shows that almost everyone has seen at least one episode of, even with the dense lore within that has people passionately defending its legacy. Sometimes, it can be easy to forget how quickly it gripped viewers in its first episode.

Audiences love a good plane crash, and Lost‘s opening plummet sits alongside Final Destination, Knowing and Cast Away. The panic is palpable and the stress is immense.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is god-tier melodrama. The woes that befall the team of surgeons and physicians at Seattle Grace Hospital are tragic, insane and sometimes even laughable – but that’s all part of its charm, a show that wears its heart on its sleeve at all times.

There’s no shortage of suspenseful action moments, whether it’s shootings, car collisions or the shocking plane crash. For the best set-piece, we went for the bus flipping over outside the hospital, eventually exploding as Matthew pulls April down. But there’s plenty more across 15 seasons, all available with Star.

Prison Break

The Most Explosive Action Scenes You Can Now Watch On Star On Disney+Star on Disney+

Prison Break was once a mainstay of modern TV. People were absolutely obsessed. With a sixth season unlikely to arrive anytime soon, you’ll soon have the perfect way to serve some time; it’s all going to be available to stream, you can relive that escape over, and over, and over again.

Before it dived into wider, more eye-widening conspiracies, Prison Break‘s first season was about one thing: breaking out of prison. If the series achieved one thing, it gave us one of the best escapes in film and TV, the small, no-less exciting summation of committing to the series in the first place.

Deadpool 2


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Ahead of Deadpool 2‘s release, X-Force had been teased – a ragtag team of accompanying superheroes, made up of Bedlam, Shatterstar, Domino, Vanisher, Zeitgeist and… Peter.

Sure enough, they got the introduction they deserved, if not the one everybody expected; as they skydive to take down a convoy, they’re brutally dispatched by helicopter blades, electric wires and wood chippers. Hilarious in how macabre it is, but also featuring the most unexpected cameo in a superhero movie ever.


Mel Gibson’s William Wallace epic may take liberties with history, but it knows how to stage a rousing, gut-churning war. Before Game of Thrones’ Battle of the Bastards, the Battle of Stirling held the crown.

It all starts with the speech. You know the one, ‘They may take our lives…’ etc. Then the ‘HOLD!’. Then, the bloodbath, the carnage, the clanking of metal helmets and steel swords as men go to war. And, at the end, the Scots are victorious, cheering in unison. A sharp injection of testosterone.

Die Hard 2

The Most Explosive Action Scenes You Can Now Watch On Star On Disney+Star on Disney+

It’s Christmas Eve. John McClane is trying to see his wife. A team of bad guys try to take over the building. This is Die Hard 2: Die Harder.

This time, we’re in an airport as a team of terrorists take everybody hostage. Bruce Willis eventually comes to blows with William Sadler’s ex-colonel, fist-fighting on the wing of a plane like Mel Gibson and Gary Busey at the end of Lethal Weapon. The villain says Bon Voyage – he should have been prepared for Yippee Ki Yay.

Con Air

Strap in for a plot straight from the action movie gods: wrongly convicted prisoner Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage) has to fly home in ‘Jailbird’, a plane full of the worst criminals in the US. When a serial killer (John Malkovich) plots a hijacking, Cameron works with a US Marshall (John Cusack) to foil his plan.

The whole film is just irresistible, sitting comfortably in Cage’s pantheon of nonsense alongside Face/Off and The Rock. It’s nearly impossible to pick one action set-piece, but the helicopter pursuit stands out – at one point, a sweaty, vested Cage walks towards a man who shoots him, though Cage doesn’t react one iota. Immense.

Starship Troopers

Paul Verhoeven is the ultimate pulp fiction merchant. In 1987, he stormed a dystopian, drug-riddled Detroit with RoboCop. Then came Starship Troopers, a glorious alien space adventure.

As the troopers participate in simulation combat training, one removes their helmet – and their head is quickly blown up. It’s a slick, bleak slice of action that’s soon followed by ‘administrative punishment’, aka a live whipping. They don’t make ’em like this anymore.


Meet John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger), an ex-commando who likes feeding deer, carrying logs, swimming with his daughter, jumping out of planes and mowing enemies down with guns, rockets, machetes and anything else he can get his hands on.

The climactic set-piece sees our hero arrive at the bad guy’s island, where his daughter is being held. Using infinite ammunition, grenades, a shoulder-mounted launcher and a gas pipe – ‘let off some steam, Bennett’ – it’s not a spoiler to say he’s victorious. A loveable piece of 80s action with cheesy charm to spare.

The French Connection

Only the filmmaker behind one of the scariest movies of all time could direct The French Connection; a frenetic, brutal thriller that drives itself up through your gut and whisks you into a fast-paced world of cops, robbers and crooks.

Though deemed a classic of cinema, its climactic action set-piece – a breathless pursuit between a car and a runaway – is enough to make Bullitt break a sweat. Both classy and grungy, revving engines on and off the screen.

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