The Original Fake Taxi Is Up For Sale On eBay

by : UNILAD on : 27 Feb 2019 20:58
fake taxi ebayfake taxi ebayeBay

Every now and again a special and unique item will appear on eBay, starting a competitive bidding war.

I’ve often bid on film and television memorabilia, as what fan wouldn’t want to own a wand from Harry Potter, or an egg from an Alien movie?

There’s something quite exciting about owning something you’ve seen on screen, especially if it means a lot to you, or is one of your faves.

fake taxi ebayfake taxi ebayeBay

It’s no wonder then fans are rushing to bid on the original Fake Taxi from the popular adult brand, which is currently being auctioned off on eBay.

That’s right, you could potentially own the most famous taxi in the world, leaving all your mates green with envy.

Seriously though, why not put a bid in for a laugh? Maybe you have a thing for black cabs? Or you used to love Fake Taxi?


The fact Fake Taxi have put the vehicle up on eBay is pretty incredible, but wait until you read the description.

With the condition being described as ‘used’, the ‘further information’ reads:

Sold as seen. Will need steam clean to get rid of all bacteria (we hold no liability for any STDs you may catch, it’s proper filthy).

Has a SORN, will need to be picked up on a low loader. No MOT or insurance. Stored in Swansea. This taxi is not road worthy.

You will receive a certificate of authenticity from John. £300 Gift Voucher to the FakeTaxiStore.com included in the sale.


Now, that is a juicy bonus!

We checked with Fake Taxi’s CEO, Joe, whether the auction is legitimate – he confirmed it is indeed!

Over the past two to three years, over 200 rides have been filmed in the taxi, which is the original vehicle used in the early days of Fake Taxi and Female Fake Taxi, by John and Rebecca More.


According to Joe, although John and the team have many treasured memories of the taxi, including the moment Rebecca had to ‘majestically dive through the snatch hatch to grab her clothes’ after spotting some police officers, they’re glad to get rid of it:

John’s happy to see the back of it to be honest. It’s got 280,000 miles on the cock, clock sorry. And it was rattling a bit, affecting his performance.

To be honest, we have four of them in our fleet. This one was stored at one of our producers’ houses.

However, he is moving and his wife is sick of finding him sat in the front seat pretending to be John. It was her or the Taxi.

Now someone else can have the same argument with their partner – ‘it’s me or the taxi’.

fake taxi ebayfake taxi ebayeBay

Joe hopes the taxi goes to a good home, and to someone who loves it as much as he and the team did:

We were going to do a text advert in a local paper but didn’t think it’d get the same circulation as eBay.

We wanted to make it available to the public. It deserves a loving, loyal owner and a good home.

It really does Joe, it really does…

fake taxi ebayfake taxi ebay@FakeTaxi/Twitter

Although the taxi is currently stored in Swansea, anyone from around the world can bid, but the buyer is responsible for the vehicle’s collection or delivery.

At time of writing (February 27), 136 bids have been placed, with the current figure at a whopping £65,900.

Joe added he was surprised at the reaction the auction has received:

The reaction has been pretty phenomenal.We can’t believe how much people are bidding haha.

But if you could, you would definitely take a sniff inside of the Fake Taxi.

Of course you would…

The auction closes on March 3, so you still have plenty of time to bid… just remember, there are no returns!

Let the bidding war cum-mence! Not sorry.

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