There’s A Ridiculously Painful New Tattoo Trend Taking Off


There’s a new tattoo trend doing the rounds – people are getting armpit ink, and while it looks painful it’s pretty cool.

There has been an increase in underarm art being posted on social media, with lots of people opting for flowers and delicate designs, optical illusion tatts and some more, slightly wacky, designs.

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Derby-based tattoo artist Kevin Paul – has a host of celebrity clients including singers Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles – spoke to UNILAD.

He said you can still shave as normal and that armpits can be one of the most painful places to have tattooed, as ‘we have a lot of nerves running through there’.

He said:

I have not seen an increase, but they do seem to becoming more popular from what I have seen. I would do them if I’m asked to. I find they are painful to get done but they do heal really fast

As well as creative inkings above, we did find these – they’re a little more ‘out there’ shall we say..

Trying not to think of shaving over a fresh tattoo…