There’s Not One Real Hero On The New Year Honours List

by : Tim Horner on : 30 Dec 2017 19:39

You’d think in the year which saw the Manchester Arena terrorist attack, the London Bridge terrorist attack and the Grenfell Tower fire, our country wouldn’t be short of heroes – the type who selflessly risk their lives for others.

Well, we’ve got loads, it’s just none of them have been included in this year’s honours list – let this fact sink in for a second.


At the end of each year the Queen dishes out honours to those most deserving in society and yet not a single firefighter, paramedic, police officer, hospital worker or civilian involved in this year’s most atrocious events has got so much as a nod.

Yet Ringo’s got a knighthood and he wasn’t even the best Beatle – you know, the pop group who split up almost 50 years ago.

I love the Beatles but there are more deserving in my opinion who deserve to be honoured.


On 22 May a suicide bomber targeted the Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert, killing 22 innocent people and injuring more than 500.

In the hours which followed hundreds of thousands of pounds were raised for the victims. No honours for any of the fire, medical, police staff, or anyone involved for that matter.

Less than two weeks later, on 3 June, a van crashed into pedestrians on London Bridge. The occupants of the vehicle got out and stabbed people who were eating and drinking in Borough Market.

Eight people died and 48 were injured, including four unarmed police officers who tried to stop the attacker. Members of the public stood up to the terrorists. No honours for these heroes.


On 14 June a fire tore through the Grenfell Tower in London, (‘officially’) taking the lives of 71 people.

For those lucky enough to survive, it caused unimaginable amounts of distress, including the firefighters who had to make the heartbreaking decisions about who to rescue. Guess what. No honours for any of these brave souls.


Instead the honours go to those considered truly valuable by the Crown.


Former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, the man who pledged not to raise tuition fees but then raised tuition fees as soon as he got into parliament has received a knighthood.

Alexandra Shulman was the editor of Vogue for 25 years and I’m sure it’s a tough gig, so sure, have yourself a CBE. I won’t begrudge you that Alexandra.

Jilly Cooper has received a CBE, presumably for services to books about randy housewives and horses, while Rick Stein has got one, I’d imagine, for helping raise house prices in Cornwall?


Yet let’s not focus on celebrities because they’re easy targets, we all know and love to hate – The Guardian points out a quarter, (yes a quarter), of the honours dished out this year have gone to politicians.

Brexit came about because people were fed up with the status quo. The last election swung back towards Labour because people were fed up with the status quo. People are fed up with the status quo.

Liz, if you ever wandered whether you were out of touch with your people, then wait for the backlash on this one.

There are thousands of heroes in this country, and you’ve honoured not one of them.

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