There’s Some Crazy Conspiracies Surrounding Kim Kardashian’s Robbery


Last Monday the world awoke to the news that the face of all things materialistic, Kim Kardashian, had been robbed of $11 million dollars worth of jewellery by men dressed as police. 

As you can probably imagine, the news made headlines across every corner of the globe, reports OK! Magazine.

But there’s a lot of weird circumstances surrounding the robbery leading many to question the authenticity of the theft with people jumping to a lot of different conclusions, from the plausible to the down right ridiculous.


Here’s a few of our favourites:

One of the most popular theories is that the entire thing was a publicity stunt. 

Kim and co haven’t been making as many headlines as they tend to in the past couple of weeks and hundreds of thousands of people believe that the massively high-profile robbery was simply a desperate attempt to get right back in the limelight.

A lot of people believe that the infectious Kardashian / Jenner clan of oxygen thieves are willing to absolutely anything to get in the news, even staging a robbery.

Where was her security? She’s possibly the most famous woman in the world known for her lavish and despicable riches – it certainly seems a bit fishy that she was completely alone for a brief moment when she just so happened to get robbed.

Now to one of the more ridiculous theories. Taylor Swift did it…


Moments before Kim was robbed she reportedly said that she was tired of talking about Taylor, and with everything that’s happened in the past with KimYe and Swifty, people are pointing fingers.

Pretty fucking crazy right?

Another weirdly believable theory is that the Kardashians conducted the robbery to get some hype going before the new series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

web kardashiE!

Last season the show was bombarded with the lowest viewing figures yet. Would they be willing to go this far for the sake of higher ratings when the show airs in two weeks?

Or did Pascal get paid to stage the robbery?


Pascal Duvier, Kim’s weirdly famous bodyguard, filed for bankruptcy 10 weeks ago. Is it possible that he was paid to make sure Kim was all alone at the time of the robbery?

When he filed for bankruptcy, he said:

There is so much debt. There are many claimants. I cannot say the exact number. Lots.

Duvier is thought to be questioned by police in the near future but as of now, he is not a suspect.

If Pascal was paid off, then who was he paid by?

The Pink Panthers?


The notorious Balkan gang, the Pink Panthers, have carried out some massive robberies in the past so it certainly wouldn’t be too weird if it was indeed them.

In the past, one of their former members even joked that Kim Kardashian would be an easy target and with her social media posts showing her constantly flaunting her valuables – she seems like a sitting duck for the gang.

And finally, back to one of the bizarre theories, was it Donald Trump?


Trump is currently doggy paddling in a boiling hot lagoon of controversy due to his recently leaked remark where he claimed he could grab women ‘by the pussy’.

But things maybe about to get even worse as some people believe he was the mastermind behind the Kardashian theft.

The theory suggests that due to the past few catastrophic weeks in Trump’s campaign to be president he paid a fuck-tonne of dough to French thugs who would rob les Kardashian-West and take the headlines away from the Trump shitstorm.

I guess only time will tell guys…