These Brilliant TV Shows Should Never Have Been Cancelled

by : UNILAD on : 23 Jul 2016 12:00
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Like your favourite band breaking up, the cancellation of a beloved TV show can have a profound and devastating effect on both your mood and your ability to binge watch through a hangover while splayed on a couch clutching a bottle of Lucozade and scrolling through Tinder.


It’s there to help you out, like a warm hug or a pint in TV bar Cheers, it knows your name.

But to have it cruelly taken from you at the swipe of a pen is a crime akin to your parents taking away your comfort blanket, even though you’re 31 years of age.

As if further proof was needed to confirm that commission editors and studio execs were myopic, capitalist pigs with no regard for anything other than their bottom line, then surely the cancellation of these much loved TV series’ is all you need to convict.

Here’s some of the best shows that were cruelly cancelled before their time…




The show that caused the most fan outrage when it was committed to TV heaven is nerd-favourite space opera, Firefly.

Despite its almost lo-fi effects and lack of budget, it had buckets of charm – it’s sort of like Star Wars except without George Lucas’ written-by-a-tone-deaf-cretin excuse for dialogue.

Even though Joss Whedon subsequently converted the Firefly universe into the film, Serenity, its cancellation is still as painful as being routinely stabbed in the arse by a frenzied Reaver.



Having been brought up watching Ben Hur every Easter Sunday in what felt like some kind of 72 hour time loop of crucifixions and chariot races, I have a natural predisposition towards swords and sandals epics.


So perhaps that’s what made the cancellation of HBO’s frankly excellent, Rome, after just two seasons about as appealing as being invaded by a horde of Visigoths.



HBO’s foul-mouthed account of the lives of Al Swearengen and the inhabitants of Gold Rush Dakota’s real-life town of Deadwood, is one of the best TV series ever made.

We’ve seen this wild west frontier setting a million times before but Deadwood makes it fresher than Annie Oakley’s feet after her weekly bath.

Seriously, it’s got Ian ‘Lovejoy’ McShane in it – the man’s moustache is more compelling than all your CSI: Iced Tea Trying To Act bullshit that supposedly amounts to television nowadays.



No other TV show’s cancellation has done more to prove the shortsightedness of TV decision makers than the repeated cancellations of Dan Harmon’s seminal comedy, Community.

Boasting probably one of the most dedicated and engaged global fanbases of any American sitcom, Community has been cancelled twice, fired its creator, and moved networks.

Yet despite all those setbacks, it’s still managed to churn out six seasons and, hopefully, a movie…


Arrested Development


Despite unanimous critical praise for the show, Fox unceremoniously decided to cancel Arrested Development halfway through shooting the then shortened 3rd season due to low ratings.

They made a huge mistake.

Quite possibly the sharpest, wittiest comedy ever made – after the cancellation decision, creator Mitch Hurwitz and his writing team even incorporated the show’s being cancelled into the storyline – its legacy is that it helped to inspire other ‘meta’, self aware, postmodern comedies like the above mentioned Community.

Thankfully, we’re increasingly living in an age where Internet viewing figures determine the value of a show in place of out of touch networks, meaning Netflix revived the show for a very welcome fourth season in 2013 and we’re lucky enough to get a fifth season of AD next year! Taste the happy!

Can you think of any other shows that were cruelly axed before they had a chance to even shine?

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