These People Will Give You Free Weed If You Clean Up The Streets

by : UNILAD on : 31 Jul 2017 18:16
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A environmentally friendly medical marijuana farmer thought up a fool-proof plan to clean up the streets of Maine, USA.


It may sound like a pipe dream, and it probably was, but Dennis Meehan knew what was needed to get young people cleaning trash…FREE WEED.

Dennis raises awareness of the wide-ranging healing properties that cannabis can have from his shop Summit Medical Marijuana in Gardiner, Maine.

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The seemingly too-good-to-be-true post on their Facebook page explained that they would give out two trash bags in the morning and for each bag filled and brought back to them, they would gift a gram of their home-grown cannabis.

Dennis was inspired by the success the scheme had in Colorado and was keen to clean up Maine’s neighbourhoods.


Speaking to UNILAD, Dennis said:

The biggest reason we started the giveaway to raise awareness of the most beneficial plant known to human health. Our family made a promise to my dying grandparents that we would help all of our elders live without the level of suffering that people go through everyday, work as hard as possible to get the same results for all of our elders as we did for them.

We all have a system throughout our bodies called the endogenous cannabinoid system that balances and regulates every single system and organ. We all have millions of cannabinoid receptors in our brains, and throughout our bodies. A receptor site in almost every single cell in our bodies, and we can nourish this system with cannabis. Through this system is how cannabis gets life changing results for everyone who chooses to use this therapy

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Dennis continued:

We’re hoping the world comes together to overcome the tragedy that is CECD. Clinical endo-cannabinoid deficiency. While gifting cannabis to clean up our communities, and strengthen our bond and sense of community.
Our focus at Summit is extremely large in scope, however it’s all focused on helping others achieve and retain a far better quality of life.
It has been amazing, people showing up from all over our state, and we believe , together we have an opportunity to be the change.
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Gifting marijuana is currently legal in Maine, however Gardiner was one of the towns that considered a prohibition on the sale of recreational marijuana before the statewide moratorium was approved.

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