These Sweat-Proof Headphones Will Change The Way You Workout


Ok. I admit it. In the past I wasn’t as active as I probably should’ve been, and although that’s more than likely due to my lack of motivation and compulsive fatigue, it was also due to the lack of good headphones. 

For years I’d took to the road for a 3-mile jog and found myself unbelievably bored after the first mile or so.

I also found that with nothing much to think about I’d be left obsessing over my breathing pattern, and then absolutely fucking it up and ending up out of breath and tired.

Now don’t get me wrong. I did try and find headphones that I could jog with but almost every type seemed to slip out of my ears just a few minutes into my workout.

Not ideal as I’m sure you can imagine.

For a while I could withstand it, but almost every time I’d end up giving up. That is, until I came across the JBL Reflect Contour sport headphones.


So let’s see what this product promises.

According to the website, the Reflect Contour headphones will allow you to  ‘watch your workouts reach new levels of uninterrupted awesome in no time’.

How so? Through the use of Dual Lock technology that includes an over the ear hook combined with an in-ear secure fit for an uninterrupted listening experience.

Remember when I said I was getting more and more frustrated with earphones falling out – this doesn’t happen with the ear hook and sweat-proof properties of these headphones. Life hacks.

As well as the earhook these headphones are wireless – connecting to your phone, iPod, or laptop via Bluetooth alone.

Personally my only issue with the Reflect Contour headphones is that the max volume isn’t quite as loud as I tend to listen to my music – however I do like my music incredibly loud so for most this probably isn’t an issue in the slighest.


On the brightside these headphones do have an eight hour battery life which means that you can probably plow through at least three workouts before they need charging!

For around £70 on the market these aren’t the cheapest sport headphones you can buy but they do deliver on a different level of professionalism, making those workouts just that bit more endurable.