This Company Gives Staff Hangover Days Off Work

by : Francesca Donovan on : 20 Aug 2017 17:11
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We’ve all been there: It’s 7:45am on a Thursday morning, you’re feigning food poisoning retching sounds down the phone to your boss and willing your mates not to tag any pictures of you in Spoons last night.


But for the lucky employees of this London company, those excuse-filled mornings of regret are long gone.

A mere distant memory, lost to the annals and stored in your brain alongside the others, vaguely titled What You Did Last Night.

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Hangover Days, according to the big boss and all round good egg who runs the live music ticketing app, DICE, encourage staff to embrace the company culture of discovering and enjoying live music experiences.


All staff need to do to take this glorious “Hangover Day” is send the *music*, *beers* and *sickface* emojis via WhatsApp to their boss, Phil Hutcheon.


Phil The Legend said:

All our team live for music and some of the best deals in the industry happen after a gig. We trust each other and want people to be open if they’re out late experiencing live music.

There is no need for a fake sick bug.


According to one study, there are 137m working days lost due to sickness in 2016 – I hold up my hands and take responsibility for at least seven. Sorry Russell.

The average worker took 4 days off sick, undoubtedly feigning a miraculously short-lived serious illness in the process, but the new DICE policy is said to encourage transparency and spontaneity for employees whose passion for music goes beyond office hours.

Staff will no longer have to feign a ’24-hour bug’ or fake a ‘sick voice’, they can simply tell their boss what they got up to the night before.

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And the staff benefit isn’t just for those who like a few pints at a gig; all staff are encouraged to take Hangover Days if they’ve had a late one on the music scene.

DICE employee, Oscar Nicholas – luckiest man alive – said:

We’re all at gigs every night and meeting with people in the industry. It’s cool to see DICE encouraging us to actually experience music first hand and it’s one of the main reasons I work here.

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Becs Beslee, Head of People at DICE, added:

At DICE our work ethic is key, whether you’ve been pulling a late one at a gig, on a heavy night out or in the office way past your 9-5, we want our employees love, for live experiences to be recognised.

It’s always been our aim to continue building an inclusive and transparent culture for everyone who works at DICE – it’s about enabling people to do their best work. Having a culture of honesty and respect is key to what we do.

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Presumably, it’s also about not having to chug water direct from the cooler because your mouth is as dry as the desert, avoiding telling Julie from accounts to Fuck Off loudly because she polished off the office Berocca, and warding off the fear that, this time, your hangover will do you in before you see Friday morning.


Founded in 2014, DICE was created to make buying tickets and discovering music easier than ever for fans. 100 per cent mobile, DICE has stopped touting and endeavours to protect music  fans.


Looks like they take care of their nearest and dearest too. Share with your boss, and let’s get this nationwide.

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