This Is What North Koreans Really Think Of Kim Jong-un

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The best fed man in North Korea is just too easy to poke portly fun at but when it boils down to it, what do the people of his own country really think of him?


His parades and marches are attended by tens of thousands who stand at street side and wave and cheer and cry all in awe of the great dictator of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea – but of course, it is farcical to even consider that the people of such a totalitarian nation could ever love this monstrous leader.

Kim Jong-Un has even the mildest of his enemies executed in the most barbaric ways imaginable, according to The Independent.

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Back in May 2015, a building collapsed in North Korea killing numerous people who were trapped inside. How did Jong-Un respond? He had all of the engineers and architects rounded up and shot by a machine gun wielding firing squad.


He’s had countless other anonymous victims executed by flame thrower, mortars, poisoning, and just about anything else despicable you can imagine.

His other enemies are kidnapped in the middle of the night and bundled into some of his notorious and secretive concentration camps where they will without doubt succumb to death relatively quickly as a result of being overworked and malnourished, or simply murdered – at best.

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Those who are lucky enough to go about their lives without prosecution by the state live their lives sheltered from the outside world. They live, work, and play North Korea – typically earning a horrific living wage, thus earning far less than enough to support a family well.

But then again, this is just me talking. Writing away like a know it all in an office in Manchester, a million miles away from Pyongyang. So what do those who actually live and breathe the Democratic People’s Republic actually think?

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Amazingly, a revolutionary think tank has been able to speak to numerous Northern citizens to see what they genuinely think about their country and leader – and weirdly, they all said the same things as us.

Out of the 36 people asked, 35 admitted that they had made numerous jokes about Kim Jong-Un, and none of those asked said that the totalitarian regime which resides between Jong-Un’s small pudgy hands gives citizens a good life.


The chairman from the society, Victor D Cha, said:

For the vast majority of the world’s population, especially for those people living in free and open societies a similar finding would be quite banal.

But North Korea is not a free and open society.

That all but one say people they know complain and makes jokes about government is an extraordinary number given the gravity with which the regime responds to criticism.

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Hopefully one day all of this tyranny will come to an end.

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