This Mum-Of-Four Proves You Don’t Need A Gym To Get Fit

by : UNILAD on : 14 Apr 2017 17:20

If you think a great body is built only in the gym, this woman is here to prove you wrong.


Meet Bo Talley. She’s a mother-of-four, actress, entrepreneur, former R&B singer, event host, philanthropist and wife.

Thought you had a full plate? She also happens to be a fitness motivator who made her killer figure what it is by working out at home – and only at home. And she’s proof the gym isn’t the only place to get fit.

Speaking to UNILAD, Bo said:


I have always been into fitness, I was an athlete growing up from preschool all the way up to high school. And when I had my children my body just did something crazy. After the first two, I bounced back, the last two it was over. My body just took on its own life and I was not feeling it.

You don’t feel as pretty, you don’t feel as sexy, because your body changes and you can’t think about yourself anymore, you have to think about others.

I wasn’t able to go up and down the stairs, I was really tired, I just wasn’t able to play with my children like I really wanted to.

Supplied/Bo Talley

She was 100 pounds over her natural weight, but after getting a VHS fitness tape (remember those?) that focused on home workouts, she started to get her pre-baby body back. And then it became a lifestyle.

“I just started feeling really good and that was my life saver. Once I enjoyed that feeling of being able to play with the children again, that’s when I said this is what I need to keep doing for the rest of my life,” she said.

Using furniture to help her work out, Bo now boasts a 95,000 strong following on Instagram.

She encourages mothers – and anyone else looking to get fit who doesn’t have the time or money to go to the gym – to get in 20 to 30 minutes of exercise when ‘everything shuts down’ – whether that be when everyone in the house goes to sleep or early before anyone wakes up.

If you live alone, bonus, you have the whole place to yourself. “There’s no excuses or spaces too small,” Bo said.


She may look like she was born a gladiator, but Bo wasn’t always as disciplined as she is now. Once she found the balance between being a mum, being a wife, working and getting fit, discipline came easy.

Now, to stay fit, she exercises every day from home, even if it means squeezing in a few minutes before going out. While she doesn’t stick to a certain diet, she does eat a lot of protein, a salad at least twice a day and, of course, no fried foods. Sorry, guys.


With five grown kids, an established career and a busy schedule, you may be wondering how old Bo is – and you’re not alone.

The fitness motivator previously went viral, with followers guessing her age anywhere from 55 to 72-years-old. But she’s leaving us guessing, because Bo refuses to reveal her age – and for good reason.

“When you tell someone your age they put limitations on you, and I don’t want anybody to limit me or tell me what I can or can not do, or what I’m not capable of doing because of an age,” Bo told UNILAD.

She continued:

I don’t share it because I’m capable of doing whatever I want to do. I can lift weights, I can lift a bed, I can put things together, so that age means nothing. Age is only a number – believe that. It doesn’t keep me from being a great mom, a great wife, a good friend, but the world is so curious about it.

For anyone who thinks they’re too old, too poor, or too busy to work out, you’re not. Just ask Bo Talley.

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