This Special Halloween Gin Has Been Cursed By A Real Witch

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A seriously spooky, cursed gin has landed just in time for Halloween and it’s made using apples picked from England’s ‘most haunted village’.


Described as ‘wickedly delicious’, the gin is made with an infusion of mint, apples, and a dash of Devil’s Claw – how very Halloween.

The exclusive Evil Spirit Gin is being sold by the popular online card and gift shop Moonpig, who revealed every bottle has been cursed by a witch under a full moon.


In the description, it says the apples and mint are plucked from Pluckley, in Ashford, Kent, which, according to the Guinness World Records, was once England’s most haunted village.


It continues:

From the Watercress Woman to the farmer Edward Brett, it’s rumoured that there are at least 12 haunted spirits in this quintessentially English village.

And if that isn’t enough to send a chill down your spine, each bottle has been individually ‘cursed’ by professional witch, Ms. Julianne White.

A ‘bespoke blessing’ was cast over the gin during October’s full moon to ‘enhance the effect’ of Ms White’s unique spell:

The blessing empowers the drinker to follow whatever their hearts desire – whether it is for good or evil.

Please enjoy responsibly. These tantalising tipples should not be consumed during a full moon. Moonpig said they must clarify, they are not responsible if you’re transformed into a toad, zombie, or werewolf if you’re drinking Evil Spirit Gin.

How cool would Evil Spirit Gin look on the table at your Halloween party?

The gin is on sale now and costs £13, (obviously) and is 40% proof.


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James Sturrock, Managing Director at Moonpig told UNILAD:

Our gin is guaranteed to raise the spirits at any Halloween party.

While we’re loved for our unique personalised gifts, cursonalised items are a whole new category for us.

We recommend mixing our Evil Spirit gin with your favourite tonic and serving chilled to the bone.


And Helen Baird, who owns Pluckley farm shop and supplied the locally-grown ingredients said:

The ghosts here are legendary – you grow up knowing their stories and looking out for them around the village.

With all the produce we sell at our farm shop grown within the village area, you could say that the spooky spirit runs through everything we eat and drink.

According to records, Pluckley, located in Ashford, Kent has about 12 to 16 resident ghosts.

One of the most popular ghosts of the village is known as the screaming man, who, according to Haunted Rooms, is said to have worked in the village before he fell to his death.

Another of the ghosts is the ‘highwayman’, who was said to have been ‘run through with a sword’ and was pinned to a tree in what is known as ‘Fright Corner’ – he now appears before visitors and locals as a shadowy figure.


Another of the village’s ghosts is an elderly woman who’s believed to have accidentally set herself on fire while she was sleeping.

And then there’s the story of the schoolmaster who was found by the children hanging in his room. He took his own life in the 1800s and today he can be seen in the grounds wearing his favourite old coat and stripy trousers.

The ‘walker’ is blamed for the poltergeist activity and he’s said to frequent the farm house – people have also reported the haunting smell of burning wool or yarn.

Get me some gin, and get me to Pluckley!

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