Thug’s Sickening Racist Attack In Street Caught On Camera

Racist guy shouting in LiverpoolUNILAD

Horrifying footage of a racist verbal attack that took place on a street in Liverpool has surfaced.

Chloe Walker, of Aigburth, was in her kitchen at 9pm on June 20 when she heard screaming, and when she heard a man shouting ‘ni**er’ and ‘p**i’ she ran in shock to record the attack on her phone.

The video footage she captured shows a thug screaming sickening racist abuse at a Pakistani man who works at the corner shop opposite Chloe’s flat.

Here is the shocking footage:

Speaking to UNILAD, Chloe said:

It was all pretty quick, I was literally just in my kitchen getting ready to go up to bed and I heard screaming outside. I didn’t think much of it because it’s a pretty busy street, but then I heard the n-word getting thrown about, so I ran over to have a look and as you can see in the beginning of the video, my windows are actually closed, so it proves just how loudly he was screaming.

I thought I’d get my phone out in case someone gets hurt and to get proof of what was happening. He starts screaming the n-word and other names, and I felt so sorry for the poor other guy.

I see him every single day because he works at the corner shop opposite my flat. I was so scared for him, so I thought I’d film it in case anything happened. I thought, if he gets hurt, I’ll never forgive myself.

Man shouting racist abuse in LiverpoolUNILAD

Chloe continued:

Luckily a guy dragged the corner shop guy away and the screaming guy stumbled away which is when I turned my phone off.

Then I heard him come back so I got my phone out again and he carries on. That’s when a guy pulled up in a white van and jumped out saying ‘you can’t be saying stuff like that, why are you shouting that around?’.

They have a bit of a scuffle, and then the girl waiting in the van was saying to leave it, so he got back in the van and drove off.

He could have had a knife on him, so a lot of people were too scared to approach him. Then he just walked off and was screaming at anyone who walked past him, he was looking for a fight.

Man hurls racist abuse at Pakistani shopkeeperUNILAD

Chloe said she’s lived on that street for three years and has never seen the racist thug before. She said the whole experience was ‘horrible’ and made her ‘blood boil’.

Talking about the response the video has had, Chloe said:

I’ve had a couple of shocking responses to the videos with people saying ‘you never know what’s happened in his past’, but there is absolutely no excuse to be racist.

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