Trucker’s Tattoo Makes Him Look Like Tiny Man Driving His Own Body

by : UNILAD on : 26 Jul 2017 14:35

A man whose first ever tattoo has earned him recognition around the world because it looks like a ‘tiny man’ driving his body.


Kenny Ollerenshaw booked an appointment at Immortal Art Studio in Cumbria to get a tattoo by artist Richard Batey – and now his photo of the partly-finished tat has gone viral.

The 36-year-old trucker, of Cumbria, says he is happy with the ink and it has been given the seal of approval from his five-year-old son, who said it was ‘cool’.

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Kenny told UNILAD:


I went in with the idea of having a tattoo which looked like mechanical moving parts.

I like cars, engines, mechanical things and I am going to get those on my shoulders and arms joining this tattoo.

Richard showed me this design and we went with it. I still have around 35 more hours to go.

It is my first tattoo and I found it quite exciting, I was worried about the pain and the first three hours weren’t that bad at all, the last hour hurt a bit but there is a lot more to come.

The man behind the tattoo is Richard Batey, he came up with the idea for another client initially and said Kenny was the ‘right man’ for his design.

He told UNILAD:

The design is actually something I came up with for another client, so I had the idea and I needed the right client for it, which I thought I had, so I drew out the design but he didn’t like it, it was too much for him.

Then Kenny came in with no tattoos, he wanted two sleeves, I showed him this chest piece, I’d been sitting on this design, and he loved it.

It’s gone around online and it’s still only sketched on, need another four hours on it yet.

There’s a lot more detail and shading, I’m going to draw tattoos on the tattoo, so those arms will have tattoos, yeah, there’s loads to do to it yet.

He’s got several sessions booked in, but I’m looking at bringing the next appointment forward because I’m sick of seeing pictures of it when it isn’t finished!

Richard thinks we’ll now be seeing an ‘epidemic’ of these tattoos, because ‘you just have such a double take’. He added: “I’m not sure what comes first, the shock or the amusement.”

So what does Kenny think of his new found fame?


He told UNILAD:

I’m still in disbelief really.

It’s slightly unbelievable, it just keeps going. You get up in the morning it has been posted somewhere else by somebody else.

It’s all a bit of a mad journey.

If this is it partly finished, we can’t wait to see the end result!

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