Truth Behind Video Of Dog’s Rancid Fart That ‘Made Cat Puke’

by : UNILAD on : 14 Jan 2019 19:57
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The internet is an unpredictable place, you never really quite know what will go viral next.


However, if a video features either a funny dog, hilarious cat or farting, it will be guaranteed to get views as that kind of material never gets old.

A combination of the three then? That’s something else, a gold mine which would take the internet by storm.

It doesn’t surprise me at all then that a video of a cat vomiting after a dog let off a rancid fart became a must-watch over the weekend.


Although user Rex Cymru uploaded the video entitled ‘dog fart cat puke’ on December 18 last year, the world took notice of it a few days ago meaning it has received over 2.4 million views on YouTube at time of writing (January 14).

Rex Cymru’s summary of the video in the description box sums it up perfectly: ‘Dog farts. Cat can’t take it’.

And when the user says ‘cat can’t take it’, they mean the poor puss projectile vomits.

While the video is undoubtedly funny, it is also sadly fake as Rex Cymru has stitched together two different videos uploaded by other YouTube users.

The abrupt and bizarre shot in the middle of the video, which sees the camera rapidly zooming into the carpet before moving back out to focus on the cat, is clearly an edit pointing to the fact all isn’t as it appears to be.

That’s because Rex Cyrmu has cleverly edited together ‘Billy, Brad and Jake’svideo entitled ‘dog farting louder than any human’ and YouTube user Daniel Tillotson’s video of cat Monty vomiting called ‘MONTY NOOOOOO‘.

You can check out these videos here:


Rex Cymru does credit these videos later on in his description thanking ‘Monty’ and ‘Billy, Brad and Jake’s nameless dog’.

He also hilariously adds that he hopes ‘they are both less gaseous / nauseous and feeling better’.

So do we, so do we.

Although the video certainly could be up for an infamous Didn’t Happen of the Year award, the internet doesn’t seem to mind as it is continuing to gain views.

24-year-old YouTube user Daniel Tillotson, from Calgary, Canada, who uploaded the original vomiting cat video in August 2018, isn’t bothered either telling UNILAD he admires Rex Cymru’s creativity and editing skills.

He said Rex Cymru also reached out yesterday (January 13) apologising for not asking for permission to use the video first which Daniel accepted:

I don’t care about the video being ‘fake’. I admire the creativity and editing that went into it. I actually had the original editor reach out to me yesterday apologising for pinching the video saying he was just messing around and never expected it to be this popular.

But he had mentioned that the inspiration for the edit was actually the fact the carpets in the two videos were so similar. So I respect the creativity it takes to see the opportunity in two separate clips. He’s the artist, I’m just a guy with a sick cat and a camera.


Daniel is frustrated though by how many times the video has been shared and reposted without any credit to him.

He added:

The frustrating part is seeing how many times it gets reposted without any sort of credit, without your name attached to it. But I was sympathetic about it because I knew somewhere out there, there’s an owner of a farting dog in the same boat as me.

But more significantly there’s the guy who edited it who is probably watching in disbelief as his art is distributed out of control.

It’s not about it being ‘fake’, it’s about the way content is distributed without any information pointing to where things came from or who made it. But the internet is the wild west, there are no rules here.

Very true Daniel. Also pass on our best wishes to Monty, we hope he feels better.

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