UNILAD Talks To Donald Glover And Phoebe Waller-Bridge About Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Move over C3-PO and R2-D2 there’s a new Star Wars comedy duo in a galaxy far, far away and they’re gunning for your spot as the franchise’s most beloved double act.

Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller-Bridge play Lando Calrissian and L3-37 in Solo: A Star Wars Story and the pair make a formidable duo.

So earlier this week when Disney kindly invited us round to chat about Solo we jumped at the opportunity to speak to the Star Wars debutants.

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UNILAD: Let’s get right to it, there’s been a lot of talk of a Lando spin-off, would you both consider coming back for the film?

Donald: Only if it was a prequel and I could come back with L3 (Phoebe).

Phoebe: [Laughs] It would be fun!

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UNILAD: It definitely would, especially with the dynamic you two had on screen. Speaking of which there’s been a lot of chatter online about Lando being pansexual and Phoebe L3 actually hints that Lando’s in love with her. Do you think that’s true?

Donald: Oh yeah, I don’t think Lando would have a problem with that, I think he’s eclectic enough to not label things.

I don’t think he’s sitting there worrying about it. You know he’s seen so many things… [gestures]… that he’s never going to sit there and think ‘This is too much!” Why not just try everything!

Lando and L3 in Solo: A Star Wars StoryLucasfilm

UNILAD: Donald you’re playing the wonderful Lando Calrissian, who was played by Billy Dee Williams before you, there’s been a lot of talk about the pressure on Alden (Han Solo) but did you feel any pressure slipping on the velvet cape?

Donald: I felt great because Billy [Dee Williams] was really supportive and gave me some really wise words and [giggling] the film wasn’t called ‘Lando’ so I felt comfortable [laughing], and you know it was a very different situation than what Alden had to go through.

So I felt good and I just wanted to support Alden and make sure we were speaking the same language on set, which was quite easy because he’s really good.

UNILAD: And how did you find that classic ‘frienemy’ dynamic that Han and Lando share? 

Donald: I think the story and the Kasdans [the film’s writers] did a really good job with that and it was easy with Alden because I really like him [smiling] we’re really close.

Also the story we tell you can tell, even the way I’m like introduced, you can see how it develops and how we end up helping each other and you can see the dynamic emerging.

Lando and Han Solo (Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Willams)Lucasfilm

UNILAD: Phoebe you’ve stepped into an iconic Star Wars role all of your own, the infamous robot sidekick, so we’ve had Alan Tudyk, Anthony Daniels, how did you find playing a droid like L3?

Phoebe: Well I had a lot to help me along the way and the suit I wore dictated how I moved, but it was really nice knowing I was in a line of something and it’s nice to know they’ll be droids like L3 in the future and there are droids in the past.

There’s something nice about passing the baton on and I feel that’s something very unique to Star Wars but what was really cool was being the first female droid but the rest is just usual character stuff.

You know, you go for the heart of the character and you feel your way in until they feel real.

Han Solo (Alden Ehrereich) and ChewbaccaLucasFilm

UNILAD: Early in the film Emilia Clarke’s character describes Lando as having impeccable taste, charismatic and a prodigious… but then she’s cut off what do you think she was going to say, Phoebe? 

Phoebe: [Whispers] Looooooovvvvvvveerrrr… of all things.

Donald: [Laughs] Oh there we go, and that’s true. I was going to say ccco… [mumbles]

Phoebe: What was that?

Donald: Nah I agree with Phoebe, lover…. of all things.

UNILAD: Donald, we were promised six seasons and a movie [of Community], we’ve had the six seasons are we any closer to the movie? 

Donald: [Laughs] Oh, yeah. I really don’t know, Joel was talking about it but it’s always possible, you know I love those guys and I love that show, so yeah we’ll see.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is in cinemas now!