UPS Drivers Have A Group Dedicated To Dogs They Meet On Deliveries


Posted by UPS DOGS on Thursday, 19 October 2017

A UPS Driver in America has setup a page dedicated to the friendly dogs he and his fellow colleagues encounter on their deliveries.

Working your standard nine-to-five can be pretty tiresome sometimes, sure there are good days but it’s the bad days which seem to stay in your mind. For those in the delivery service it can be a pretty thankless job at times.

Customers rarely seem grateful they’ve received a package on time, barely even acknowledge a delivery man’s existence, and if they’re late by a few minutes they act like they’ve committed a war crime. Which is why this Facebook page set up by a community of UPS drivers brings a warm fuzzy feeling to our cold collective hearts.

Posted by UPS DOGS on Thursday, 19 October 2017

Not affiliated with the delivery company, the page operated by UPS driver Sean McCarren posts pictures of the various dogs he and his fellow delivery workers come across while at work.

UNILAD spoke to Sean, who created the popular Facebook page UPS DOGS, told us how the page was born:

…It came about after I looked at all the pictures in my phone, I have a family of dogs that I see everyday, it’s special.

Delivering all day to the same places you create a bond with the dogs and their families on route. You’re really more than a delivery driver, you are a biscuit delivery service.

Me and myfriend Dave. MN thank you Rose

Posted by UPS DOGS on Thursday, 19 October 2017

He continued:

There are a bunch of dogs I meet daily.

All of them are special, Roxy and Angel are two special dogs I see everyday and there is a certain street I drive down almost everyday, where another dog named Dino is waiting.

Even if I don’t have a package a bone gets tossed over the fence because he always hears my truck and will let me know.

With the page growing and getting more follower’s Sean’s fellow UPS drivers have also been contributing to the page with pictures of their own canine encounters.

This is buddy. His owner says I'm his favorite other person. When I get to see him I take my break because he holds on to me and doesn't want to let me go. It always makes my day. Thanks Jason

Posted by UPS DOGS on Wednesday, 18 October 2017

He explained to UNILAD:

I’ve met other drivers through social media, it’s great because we all do the same thing everyday. There are a bunch of great drivers out there that do the same thing I do, I was just able to bring it together. Some of the posts I see from other drivers is awesome.

The response has been overwhelming with the messages of wonderful pictures that are being sent in constantly.

Zach and his helper!🤗

Posted by UPS DOGS on Monday, 16 October 2017

Despite not being officially affiliated with the delivery firm, Sean tells us UPS have been very supportive of his page.

He added:

The company knows the page exists and said that it shows the relationship people have with their customers daily.

I never expected this much exposure from the page, but it shows that a lot of UPS employees really care about the people they meet everyday, including their best friend.

can't believe you have this page. So sweet! My pup who's no longer with us, used to love jumping in the ups truck. Ignore her sweater she got cold easily haha 🙄 love your page! Thank you Amy!

Posted by UPS DOGS on Thursday, 19 October 2017

It looks like being a UPS delivery driver is more fun than sitting in an office staring at computer screen, time for a career change maybe?