‘Vile’ Harvey Price And Karen Matthews Mother’s Day Cards Cause Huge Backlash

by : UNILAD on : 17 Mar 2018 13:01

An artist has come under fire for producing Mother’s Day cards, deemed ‘vile’, featuring the likes of Jimmy Savile, Josef Fritzl and Katie Price’s disabled son, Harvey.


People have hit out at Samuel Hague after his range of greeting cards went on sale on the site Etsy, which sells ‘unique’ items from independent sellers.

The cards, which have angered the masses, depict a wide range of people, including criminals and paedophiles – one of the cards shows an image of Jimmy Savile, along with the words:

Thanks for never letting Jim fix it for me.


Posted by Samuel James Hague on Sunday, 18 February 2018


Another of Samuel’s cards features Karen Matthews wearing a t-shirt appealing for information about her daughter, with the caption:

Thanks for never hiding me under a bed.

Matthews was jailed in 2008 for abduction, false imprisonment and perverting the course of justice.

One card in Samuel’s collection shows Josef Fritzl – the man who locked his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and sexually abused her – along with the words:

You could’ve done worse.

Posted by Samuel James Hague on Sunday, 18 February 2018

Samuel Hague Illustration is also responsible for producing a birthday card with a picture of Harvey Price, with the caption:

Happy birthday you c*nt.


The card is in reference to Katie Price’s son, Harvey, who swore when appearing on live television.

One angry Facebook user, Hannah Cooke, wrote:

It’s sick who would find this sh*t funny?

She then messaged Hague describing him as ‘vile’ before replying ‘lol’ when Samuel corrected her on the spelling of ‘your’.

Samuel Hague Illustration

Speaking to UNILAD, the artist, Samuel said:

I think maybe the criticism is a little unfair. I read someone say I was mocking people with disabilities, which I strongly disagree with.

I’ve only quoted something Harvey Price said on live TV.

When asked how the media attention has made him feel Samuel stated:

When the articles got released I started getting a lot of attention. I got loads of messages from people saying how much they loved the cards.

The positive responses have definitely outweighed the negative ones.

Samuel Hague

Speaking about his sense of humour, Samuel told UNILAD:


Whilst I appreciate dark humour isn’t to everyone’s taste, a lot of comedians use it in their work.

I choose to express myself through my artwork. Humour is subjective and most of the feedback I have received has been positive.

Despite not being a millionaire just yet, Samuel’s £2.99 cards seem to be selling extremely well:

My Etsy page is testament to how popular my cards have been. They’re still going strong!

Samuel Hague

Etsy, which does not check items’ suitability before sellers post them online, said they were investigating the listings.

According to their website, Etsy state:

Whether you’re listing items or using community spaces on Etsy, discrimination is not allowed.

Examples of prohibited behaviour on Etsy include, but are not limited to: Refusal of service based on membership in one or more protected group, derogatory or demeaning remarks against protected groups, racial slurs and/or posts that support or glorify current or historical hate groups.

Samuel Hague Illustration

Despite Samuel being allowed to sell the cards on the site, the NSPCC have called on the site to remove them.

According to The Sun, a spokesman for the children’s charity said:

Using the trauma of child abuse to sell these vile greetings cards is thoughtless and irresponsible.

We would urge this seller to reconsider and to remove these cards from sale immediately.

Seeing as we’ve missed Mother’s Day for 2018, let’s see if the cards are still going next year…

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