WandaVision Episode 3: From The Weird To The Sinister

by : Tom Percival on : 21 Jan 2021 15:45
WandaVision Episode 3: From The Weird To The SinisterDisney+

WandaVision episode three is here, and like Thanos poking his meaty fingers into Vision’s not so indestructible head to get at that Infinity Stone, we’re finally starting to peel back the mysteries of this intriguing series. 

Following immediately on from last week’s revelation that Wanda is somehow pregnant with her synthezoid husband’s child, the plot of episode three is a love letter to that classic sitcom plot, ‘don’t let anyone know you’re pregnant’.


Of course, other pregnancy plots don’t traditionally have the added wrinkle that the baby is developing at superhuman speeds, or that the pregnancy is making the mother’s superpowers go on the fritz. Will the Visions (or are they the Maximoffs?) be able to keep their secret? Well, I can’t say, that would be spoiling things.


What I can say though is that I enjoyed episode three tremendously. I wrote in my last review that the appeal of WandaVision came from the dichotomy between the sweet, sugary sitcom elements and the growing sense of foreboding that was suffused within the DNA of this bizarre show.

Episode three, for the most part, continues to use this contrast to superb effect, I loved how I could be actually guffawing at Vision’s ludicrously overwrought anxieties over becoming a father one minute and then genuinely creeped out the next, as the reality of ‘WandaVision’ began to fray.


There’s actually a very interesting separation of Wanda and Vision in this episode where our beloved red-faced robot starts to notice that something isn’t quite right in the world he finds himself in, before he’s so cruelly snapped back to playing the part of a sitcom husband.


It’s actually quite terrifying and Bettany plays it beautifully, floating elegantly from quiet discomfort to wedded bliss in an instant, and real praise has to be paid to him for the way he can switch on a dime from jovial funnyman to serious superhero.

Elizabeth Olsen also gets time to shine in this episode, like Bettany she’s brilliant at playing up the comedic aspects of the show but in this episode we get a glimpse of Wanda (while she’s separated from her husband) that suggests she’s not as blind to the goings-on in this neighbourhood as Vision is.


It’s actually eerily reminiscent of The Twilight Zone episode It’s a Good Life, where a mercurial and evil young boy – who just so happens to have god-like psionic powers – rules over his hometown and terrorises the residents with the omnipresent threat of banishing them to ‘the cornfield’.


Outside of the principal cast and the strangeness of Westview, Kathryn Hahn takes a bit of a backseat this week (although she still manages to steal the scene she’s in) to Teyonah Parris’s Monica Rambeau, who like Bettany and Olsen has the tough job of essentially playing two characters, the wacky neighbour (with a sprinkling of Blaxploitation thrown in) and the Rambeau we know from Captain Marvel.

I won’t say much more, but Rambeau gives us our best idea yet as to what’s really going on in WandaVision and I’m curious to see where things go next with her character.


If I had any concerns about WandaVision they’re mostly minor quibbles at the moment; I hope the show keeps the dynamism it’s had so far in keeping the plot moving forward and doesn’t indulge itself too much along the way.

WandaVision: Episode 3 streams on Disney+ from tomorrow. 

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