We Spoke To The Guy Trying To Free Steven Avery About New Secret Emails


As if Making a Murderer hadn’t shocked you enough already, there is now set to be an even bigger breakthrough in the Steven Avery case. 

The State of Wisconsin have finally agreed to release over 4,000 pages of email correspondence between the sheriff’s department and the prison service, according to The Mirror.

You might be wondering what makes this such a major breakthrough. Well it turns out that a lot of the members of each institution are actually blood related, and it’s thought that a lot of key details could have been ‘lost’ through correspondence.


The publication of such emails could shed a lot of new light in the case, however the prison service have said the information will be ‘appropriately redacted’, which certainly makes you worry what the redactions could hide.

Speaking to UNILAD, Ecstasy kingpin turned public speaker and campaigner, Shaun Attwood said: 

A lot of information has almost certainly been tampered with. There has without doubt been a lot of inside chatter between guards and the sheriff department at the very least.

There could be a lot of explosive information in those emails, however what goes on in Making a Murderer is shocking people across the world… They’re surprised… However this sort of mass corruption isn’t a one off. It’s happening all over America. This is just one example that has gotten some attention.


Shaun was born in Widnes, Cheshire before moving to America to work as a stockbroker. Due to the stress of his job he started using ecstasy before noticing a gap in the American drug market and becoming a dealer.

Shaun then ended up trapped in a terrifying rivalry with Mafia mass murderer and former under-boss of the Gambino Crime Family, Salvatore ‘The Bull’ Gravano, before eventually being arrested and sentenced to 200 years imprisonment.

He added:

When I was inside I thought that the people in the justice system were the good guys, but they’re some of the biggest criminals out there – and what makes them worse is that they never get prosecuted. They’re never brought to justice.

The emails are set to be released in the next few weeks after a request was made by investigative reporter Keegan Kyle, who has been fighting with the prison services for months to get more information on the Avery case.