What Happened When Police Arrived After BBC Producer ‘Arrested’ 11-Year-Old Boy


Earlier today, a clip of a former BBC employee attempting to arrest a family that included an 11-year-old boy went viral.

In the shocking footage, which occurred on Saturday morning, Fergus Beeley can be seen getting out of his car on the M27 in Hampshire before going sick at a random family, telling them ‘I want you to die.’

The former producer of Sir David Attenborough’s famous nature documentaries tells the family he’s placing them under ‘citizen’s arrest’, much to their bemusement.

Simon Gale who was grabbed by the raging TV exec, told UNILAD:

What happened as you can see in the video, when he grabbed me around the face and started screaming ‘citizen’s arrest’ I was just stood there thinking what is this guy on. I honestly thought he was high on drugs. He was that crazy I thought he had to be high on something.

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When asked if he found it hard not to retaliate, he added:

To be honest, no. I knew the police were on their way. I didn’t want to retaliate too much. I think we’ve done him enough damage by posting it online. Millions will be seeing this and I think that’s far more humiliating than any kind of legal action or anything like that.

His partner, Aisha, also present at the scene spoke of her shock at the ‘despicable’ behaviour of Fergus, especially when he targeted her son.

She told UNILAD that Beeley was an ‘awful person’, saying:

He was actually calling my son names.

I started off [filming] doing it just as a laugh and to humiliate him but it’s just got out of hand, cause everyone’s passing the video around. It’s worldwide.

I only tried to post the video on Spotted Portsmouth. It’s just got well out of hand.

The police turned up. No arrests were made. Obviously, they were just trying to protect him. But we just went our separate ways.

Fergus is yet to comment on the matter.