UFO Movement Target Donald Trump To Finally Reveal ‘Secret U.S. Alien Files’

by : UNILAD on : 14 Mar 2017 13:46

Are flying saucers being hidden away in Area 51? Has the US Government been in regular contact with extraterrestrials since the Roswell crash in 1947? Is the truth out there?


Hilary Clinton, and her campaign manager John Podesta, promised that if she was elected President she would ‘get to the bottom’ of the UFO mystery, once and for all.

Podesta confessed that as a top advisor to President Obama his biggest regret was not being able to release top secret UFO files. This was also a failure of Bill Clinton’s presidential term in the 90s when he also tried to open-up government UFO secrets.


Former President George Bush Jr. alluded to the fact he had seen such ‘secret files’, but publicly stated he wouldn’t divulge the contents.


Despite these set-backs Mrs Clinton stated:

I think we may have been visited already. We don’t know for sure.

The likes of Stephen Bassett who runs the Paradigm Research Group, and is the only US registered UFO disclosure lobbyist, hoped that President Obama would release the truth about UFO visitations in the weeks before he left office.

Since nothing of the sort happened, and Donald Trump triumphed in the election, the UFO Disclosure movement thinks his maverick behaviour as President will finally reveal our pact with our outer space visitors.

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In his inauguration speech he hinted at many new possibilities, perhaps derived from extraterrestrial sources:

We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow.


To bring this into reality Stephen Bassett has created a GoFundMe campaign to raise $50,000. This would apprently be used to establish public relations with the Trump administration, and reach out to European countries to get at the truth.

The U.S. and other governments have released literally thousands of UFO files and documents, so what is there left to reveal?

Trevor Wozny who calls himself the ‘angry ufologist’ argued on the matter:

There is no need for governmental disclosure. It has already been done to death. A dozen-ish nation states have already released their UFO files. Other official governments have already admitted that strangeness exists in our skies.

So what’s to disclose? Nothing. No one knows anything more than that. No one knows the answers to the really interesting and juicy questions.

Stephen, like many in the UFO disclosure movement, think differently, telling UNILAD exclusively:

The U.S. military/intelligence complex has been dealing with the extraterrestrial presence reality for at least 70 years. Only a tiny fraction of the documents involved have been obtained or released proactively.

Underground research facilities, extraterrestrial derived technology re-engineering work, alternative space programs, etc are just some of the areas yet to be revealed. The full scope of the ET USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Program) is vast.

Are they hiding this because there might be a mass panic?

No. That is just propaganda disseminated by the government to thwart efforts to advance the Disclosure process. The truth embargo remains due to political upheaval, internal worries over the public relations problems the government will face post-Disclosure, the convenience of operating in secret, and too much deference to a cult of secrecy by the military/intelligence/industrial complex President Eisenhower warned the nation about in January of 1961.


Do you think the Trump administration will be the one to release these secrets?

It is too early to tell, but President Trump has never spoken to the issue and the Republican Party has shown no interest in challenging the truth embargo. Paradigm Research Group is working to develop new strategies to bring about disclosure this year, either by the U.S. or another nation.

MJ Manias, UFO researcher and critic, says there are some basic flaws in the assumptions of the disclosure movement though.

MJ argued:

The belief that a UFO can land, make contact with the President of the United States, shake his hand, and begin working towards some secret agenda is laughable. It is laughable because that entire exercise would assume that the aliens followed a nearly identical evolutionary path to you and I.

It works in TV shows like Star Trek, but the universe is significantly larger and spookier than what human minds can conjure up for the silver screen.

The real question, beyond who sits in the White House, because it really does not matter, is whether disclosure is something that actually can occur? Can we trust the information given? That is the main problem with Disclosure itself; the movement that seeks the truth wants it from a group which has little interest to provide it.

It assumes democracy is alive and well, and honesty is the name of the game in politics and in Washington.

20th Century

Wozny is similarly sceptical that the ‘truth’ will be revealed by a politician. He said:

True aliens, not the ones envisioned by limited intellects in the entertainment industry will not be a reflection, albeit a mutated one of us.

No one on Earth knows who or what they are. Even in the highly unlikely event that any government has actually been able to get their claws on legitimate alien technology no understanding would be possible. Humanity has only had practical science for under 500 years. We have not begun to climb the rungs of galactic intelligences.

We are less than zero in the grand scheme of things. We are bacteria attempting to fathom and deconstruct a quantum computer. We will NOT be able to reverse engineer true alien tech for 100 dead-stop reasons at least. That is truly silly to think we could.

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He continued:

These things if they exist will be the epitome of the saying “Any sufficiently advanced technology will be indistinguishable from magic”. No matter how much black project money you throw at it, you can not evolve your technical understanding by a factor of a million or billion, or have access to the metallurgy and composites required.

Why would any thinking person look to the government for truth? Putting all your hopes and aspirations in proven, consummate prolific liars is insane. They have absolutely zero incentive to disclose the alien truth. Reason being is that they have no idea what it is. It is used as a political tool to appeal to a fringe element. That being us. They only care about themselves and their perceived power.’

The real truth about the alien enigma will not come from people wearing business suits, they will be wearing lab coats.

Sadly I can’t recall having ever seen President Trump in a lab coat – a bathrobe, certainly, but only time will tell if the Commander-In-Chief will delve into any top secret files in the name of disclosure.

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