Woman Comes Home From Work And Discovers Mum’s Unusual Surprise

Cathy Ngo and her mumUNILAD

Parents can be rather unpredictable and a lot of the time, you’re never quite sure when they’re next going to embarrass you or flabbergast you with an unusual surprise.

Well, this is certainly the case with 22-year-old Cathy Ngo, whose mum decided to give her bathroom a special makeover.

When Cathy came home from work one day, she was shocked to see her bathroom had been completely transformed – now complete with matching bright green towels, shower curtain, toothbrush holders and a bin, all with a smiling cartoon frog emblazoned on them.

My favourite part is definitely the frogs stuck to the mirror:

Cathy Ngo frog bathroomUNILAD
Cathy Ngo frog bathroomUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Cathy said she was ‘completely shocked by the whole thing’:

My mum has always been stingy about me keeping my bathroom clean and I would tell her I would clean it but never have the time to.

She’s the type that wants things done immediately so she took it into her own hands and went above and beyond ‘cleaning it’.

I literally went ‘ahhhhhh’ when I saw it. I didn’t even see it coming. I went in simply to use the restroom but was shocked instead. Mum didn’t tell me anything about it.

I don’t have a love for frogs or the colour green so I have no idea why my mom thought it’d be fitting to customise my bathroom with frogs!

While it may not be ‘fitting’, Cathy can’t deny walking into that bathroom every morning brightens up her days – the fact her mum picked everything up from a garage sale for a bargain price just makes it even better!

Cathy Ngo frog bathroomUNILAD

When Cathy asked her mum what did she do to the bathroom, all she got back was a laugh and a simple thumbs up.

But as Cathy added, she shouldn’t expect anything less from her mum:

Mum is a workaholic and so on her days off you’ll see her out in the back or front yard messing with her flowers. She loves interior and exterior design as well. She’s the type to always put others before herself.

Everyone actually really loves the whole look of the bathroom and honestly, I’m quite used to the way the bathroom looks now, although sometimes I still get a little shook whenever I go to use the restroom in the middle of the night. So I think I’ll keep it!

I don’t have anything else to replace it and mum put a lot of work and thought into the bathroom. I think it’d be rude to change it up and as for the whole house, Mom already put her own touch on it!

To be honest I just want to see how Cathy’s mum ‘put her on touch’ on the rest of the house. I wonder if frogs are a running theme?

bathroom makeover frogs woman surprise uniladUNILAD

The internet clearly loved Cathy’s mom’s ‘surprise’ bathroom. At the time of writing, the tweet about her frog-themed makeover has received 53,000 likes.

I wonder if Cathy’s mum will be up for decorating my bathroom as well?

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