Uber Driver Finds Out Boyfriend Cheated On Her In The Worst Possible Way


Twitter user Breanna Alexis is an Uber taxi driver and had just given her boyfriend a lift, when she unbelievably stumbled across the girl he was cheating on her with.

24-year-old Breanna – who lives in Florida – had only just dropped her boyfriend off at the airport, believing he was going to New York to visit his sick mum – when she picked up a girl going to an eerily familiar address…

Breanna Alexis

That’s right, not yet knowing anything was wrong, she found herself driving her cheating boyfriend’s ‘other’ woman to his apartment.

UNILAD caught up with Breanna to get her side of the story:

My heart and eyes couldn’t believe it. It kind of made me weak and not want to fight anymore. Because why would I continue to fight for someone who I’ve been trying to get to fight for me for years and the moment he had a chance he stood up for someone else.

Breanna Alexis

Breanna shared her story on Twitter and this is how it panned out:

At first, the 24-year-old had no clue her guy had no intention of going to visit his mum.

She said:

I showed empathy and I felt sorry for him, I know that’s not an easy situation and the night before I kept asking him if he was okay.

I even asked did he want me to go with him for support like any other caring girlfriend.

Breanna of course suspected nothing when the girl first stepped into her vehicle, explaining:

Believe it or not she was a nice looking girl. I’m not going to call her ugly because we have the same man, he has a type. When someone enters your car you just hope they’re not crazy and she wasn’t.

I related to being away from my boyfriend when she told me about hers, and I also gave her information about the city.

Breanna didn’t think it was anything more than a coincidence the girl had requested to go to the same building her boyfriend lived at.

When asked she said:

No not at all. What are the odds of getting a fare with your ex’s new fling? That apartment complex is huge as well.

But when it dawned on her what was happening, Breanna was obviously horrified:

My heart instantly dropped, my chest got so hot and I had no time to think. I immediately blurted out: “ARE YOU DEAD ASS.”

Which means: “Are you serious?” When you see the person you wanted to spend your life with about to break you, you don’t think – you act.

In shock following the sudden realisation she’d just driven her cheating partner’s lover to his flat, Breanna responded in rage.

She said:

I charged at him to hit him. He ran but couldn’t get to his door quick enough, I screamed and kept yelling: “Are you serious?” You could hear the tears and pain in my voice.

He kept trying to restrain me but his strength was impeccable.

Then she charged at me and she hit me and I turned on her – he was protecting her and I was trying to protect myself from her and him.

In a state of utter disbelief and distress, Breanna pulled away from the site, with the other woman’s luggage still in the car.

She continued:

My intentions were never to go against her, she was clueless like me, but I will stand up for myself when someone hits me and someone is trying to restrain me.

She had no clue what was going on – she doesn’t know our history, she probably didn’t find out until a little after that we have the same boyfriend.

It must have been terrible to realise what had gone on and suddenly, her whole relationship had been a lie.

She added:

I replay back moments on what I should have done like: “I could’ve done this instead of this,” that’s the worst part.

I was more mad at myself for not getting more details about the boyfriend she was telling me about so I could’ve kicked her out my car or we could’ve got him together.

Breanna is planning to return the left luggage ‘in style’ and even has everything packed up in a nice bin-bag ready for delivery.

Breanna Alexis

She also texted her (now ex) -boyfriend to question why he did what he did:

Obviously the whole dreadful situation has left poor Breanna shaken, but thankfully, she’s on the mend thanks to the support she’s received.

She revealed:

Honestly I am heartbroken but the amount of support I’m getting from people and the way they’ve turned this situation into laughs has made this better.

Breanna Alexis

This has got to be one of the worst (as well as incredibly coincidental) ways of finding out you’ve been cheated on but in the end perhaps Breanna was actually lucky to be able to put a stop it to it all.

And now her story has gone viral and Breanna has a new-found Twitter fame, maybe she’s the one who ended up winning – so who’s laughing now!?