Woman Gets Whole Plane To Herself On Jet2 Flight

Karon Grieve

A Scottish holidaymaker had the flight of her life during a recent trip to Crete.

57-year-old cook book author Karon Grieve was one of just three passengers planning to board the flight from Glasgow to Crete.

When the other two passengers failed to show up to the airport, the lucky writer had the entire plane to herself.

Karon Grieve

Speaking with UNILAD, Karon explained how her solitary arrival at the gate caused amusement among staff:

I was stunned when I walked up to the gate and it was just the guy there waiting to take my boarding pass.

He laughed and said that the other two passengers hadn’t turned up so I had a private jet.

She continued:

Then the captain, first officer and the cabin crew all arrived and right away said, ‘You must be Karon our only passenger,’ and there was lots of laughing all round as they all introduced themselves.

She was able to choose any seat she pleased on the 189-seater Jet2 plane, travelling like a celeb for the titchy price tag of just £46.

Karon Grieve

Throughout the four-hour-flight, overnight-VIP Karon was able to dodge all the usual annoyances of screaming babies, bickering couples and dog-eat-dog toilet queues.

Instead, Karon was able to chill out with leg room to spare, and was treated like a true queen by cabin crew, who she reveals ‘couldn’t have been friendlier’:

I chatted to all of them during the flight. It was great having both pilot and first officer come for a chat. Separately of course!

For Karon, who loves the experience of air travel, this adventure in the skies was a real dream come true:

I love flying, always get that tingle of excitement and almost childish hope that this could be the start of an adventure.

I’m used to just being one of the many on board, this was like a dream come true, talk about feeling like a VIP especially when all crew waved me off at Heraklion.

It wasn’t just an air hostess saying thank you for flying with us, this was everyone saying bye and have a great time in Crete.

Karon Grieve

Stepping off her make-shift private jet, the Kardashian treatment continued.

Rather than waiting for her luggage like the rest of us peasants, Karon was handed her suitcase the moment she walked off the plane into the bright, Greek sunshine. Ahh…

Literary-minded Karon is now enjoying a month long holiday on the sunny Greek island, where she is working away on her new romantic crime novel, A Cosy Crime.

The novel follows the adventures of two Ayrshire based sleuths, who also own a cooking and preserves business named Dine Store Divas.

Karon Grieve

One thing is for sure. Karon will most definitely be flying with Jet2 again:

Of all the budget airlines I always use Jet2 whenever I can as the staff are the friendliest and service best, and I’m not just saying that because of this flight I’ve always said that about them.

Wikimedia Commons

This lady is living the dream…