Woman Left Terrified After ‘Dust’ Turns Out To Be Huge Spider And Army Of Babies

by : Julia Banim on : 02 Sep 2017 09:32

A woman who presumed a greyish mound in the corner of her room was merely a dust cluster was in for the fright of her life.

On closer inspection, horrified make-up and special effects student Lydia realised she was actually looking at an enormous Mama spider – surrounded by her babies.


The 19-year-old quickly took to Twitter to share her shudder inducing find:

I have not just found this in the corner of my room at this time thinking it was dust.

And if you’re a fellow Brit, currently reassuring yourself how Lydia probably lives in Australia or somewhere else with crazy giant wildlife, prepare to crap yourself.


Lydia actually lives in Yorkshire and the Humber…. I thought our boring English climate was supposed to shield us from such monsters?!

Lydia’s Twitter followers were right there with her to share the fear and have absolutely no logical solution to banishing the mammoth beast – one person advised her to ‘throw the entire wall away’:


Speaking with UNILAD, Lydia wove together the threads of this creepy yarn:

I was just in my room the other night and was moving some boxes from some shelves I don’t really go near as I’m moving away to uni on Tuesday, when I noticed what I thought was a clump of dust in the corner.


I didn’t have my glasses on at the time so I hadn’t realised what it was.

Once I did it was like being in a nightmare, obviously I straight away had to get my dad to get rid of them!

Luckily, Lydia’s dad was on hand to rescue her…


However, there’s another terrifying twist in the tale…

Turns out, most giant spiders can swim:

Lyd, for the love of God, just run!

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