Woman Makes Boyfriend’s Son Cry After Fake Tan Turns Her Completely Black

by : Julia Banim on : 27 Nov 2017 13:38
Ebony Foley/Facebook

A woman was left confined to her house after a fake tan catastrophe turned her face and arms black.

Ebony Foley tried out St Moriz Darker Than Dark mousse after she couldn’t get hold of her preferred fake-bake brand, advising the shop assistant she wanted to be ‘nice and brown’.


The 20-year-old energy consultant from Bury, Greater Manchester is no stranger to getting her glow on, being a regular user of spray tans and other false tanning solutions.

However, she could never have envisioned such a dramatic look from the fake tan which really does what it says on the tin.

Ebony Foley/Facebook

Speaking with UNILAD, Ebony explained how she very quickly realised something was not quite right with her new beauty product:


As soon as I put it on it went black!

The mousse turned Ebony’s skin a much, much darker shade than her natural complexion, leaving her way too embarrassed to leave her front door.

She was forced to cancel her Saturday evening plans for cocktails with friends, and completely terrified her boyfriend’s son – to the point where he burst into tears.

Ebony Foley/Facebook

Luckily Ebony has a great sense of humour, and was able to see the funny side when first seeing her reflection. She admitted to UNILAD: ‘I laughed my head off, I thought it was hilarious’.

Taking to Facebook, an utterly unrecognisable Ebony posted pictures of her extreme fake tan, to the great amusement of her friends:

I’ve made a terrible mistake, so tried out a new false tan tonight. NEVER AGAIN told the shop woman I wanted to be nice n brown not what I had in mind

I’ve made a terrible mistake, so tried out a new false tan tonight. NEVER AGAIN 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 told the shop woman I wanted to be nice n brown not what I had in mind

Posted by Ebony Foley on Wednesday, 22 November 2017


In the comments section, Ebony added:

My legs and body are a well nice colour and then I put it on my face and THIS HAPPENED

Everything else has gone nice then this happened to my face

And her friends were in absolute stitches. One person commented: ‘Ebony that’s so funny’ while another declared: ‘this is hilarious’.

Ebony Foley/Facebook

Ebony and her boyfriend Dean were forced to scrape the stubborn mousse from her face with the hard part of a sponge, however her arms are still black.

She returned to work straight after the fake tan incident, and luckily doesn’t appear to have made anybody else sob with terror. In fact, Ebony admits the most common reaction has been laughter.

She has now pledged never to use this particular product again, although it hasn’t put her off experimenting with new tanning brands in the future.

Don’t worry, Ebony, we’ve all had our share of fake tan disasters, from patchy legs to streaky tear marks.

Ebony has offered the following sound advice to any ladies looking to add a little sunshine to their skin, without making their mates howl with laughter:

Don’t use a darker than dark one. Stick to what you know.

Fellow girls: why do we do these things to ourselves? I, for one, am using winter as an excuse for hiding my pasty legs under a mountain of wool…

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