Woman Thought She’d ‘Grabbed A Bargain’ Until Purple Rug Bought Online Actually Arrived

jasmine bumps rug online UNILAD

Online shopping is dangerous. Not only are you encouraged to spend more money than you probably should, but sometimes when your item arrives it can be very different to what you thought you had ordered.

Which is exactly what 22-year-old Jasmine Bumps, from Waterville, Maine, USA, discovered when she ordered a lovely looking bathroom rug online.

Ordering from Wish, the sixth largest online shopping company in the world, Jasmine thought she had grabbed a bargain when she brought a large rug for only $3. An absolute steal.

Here is what Jasmine ordered:

jasmine bumps rug online uniladUNILAD

However, as Jasmine told UNILAD, she ‘should have known better’ as when the rug arrived it was much smaller than expected.

She explained:

When I got the package in the mail my thought was ‘hmmmmmmm… what did I order from China THIS small?’.

I proceeded to open the top and when I saw the grey fuzzy material I knew exactly what it was! They folded the rug into quarters to fit it in this tiny envelope and when I took it out I instantly laughed when I realised it was no bigger than a personal pan pizza.

I ran to my roommate in the other room and put it on the floor and stepped on it and said ‘do you like our new bathroom rug?’ We both laughed!

Admitting she ‘never looked at the description of the size in the advert’, Jasmine just presumed from the photo it was large as ‘there was ample room for that model to walk around’.

But as you can see, Jasmine can only just fit both of her feet onto it:

jasmine bumps rug online uniladUNILAD

Although she regrets not checking the size in the description, Jasmine believes the product had been falsely advertised.

She added:

I didn’t think I had to check the size since the picture they showed is VERY deceiving. Based on the photo, they either showed a different rug entirely or used a Barbie doll as the model!

Not only was the size completely off, the edges didn’t even sit on the floor! As soon as I stood on it, the edges rolled up like a cooked pepperoni!

Jasmine’s day cheered up though when she posted about her experience with Wish on Reddit.

asmine bumps rug online uniladUNILAD

Receiving 1,400 upvotes and over 33,000 views Jasmine’s hilarious post went viral on the site.

She couldn’t quite believe the reaction it got, saying:

Totally unbelievable! I have been on Reddit for a couple years, posted things here and there and never got any higher than maybe 100 upvotes max.

I posted this photo before I went to bed hoping a few people would get a good laugh out of it. I woke up in the morning with tonnes of notifications and I’m pretty sure I said ‘HOLY SH**! NO WAY!’ when I saw that I had gotten 1.4K upvotes.

I live in a small town in the USA of maybe 2,000 people so this stuff never happens! Woohoo, I got to be a celebrity for the day!

Jasmine bumps rug online uniladUNILAD

Jasmine even admitted to UNILAD the reaction she got made the whole experience worth it and she will definitely not be asking for a refund.

Instead, she has given the rug to her roommate’s young children to use in their play kitchen.

She’ll be deleting the Wish app from her phone though sticking instead to ‘more trustworthy sources from now on’.

I’m sure she’ll also be paying more attention to product descriptions from now on too!

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