Woman’s Hilarious Childhood Photos Go Viral

by : UNILAD on : 26 Jun 2018 10:22
Mia SarubbiMia SarubbiUNILAD

A woman’s childhood photos have gone viral online due to her strange likeness to Michael Jackson.

Back in around 2004/2005, a young Mia Sarubbi was enjoying a day out with her family at the local fair and had her face painted as an owl – including her eyelids.


And so when Mia was photographed going down the bouncy slide, the results were fantastic!

Check it out below:

hilarious childhood photo michael jacksonhilarious childhood photo michael jacksonUNILAD

After showing the photos off at work, Mia’s colleague Keely couldn’t resist sharing them on Twitter.


She wrote:

My manager showed me a picture of when she was younger and got her face painted .. then showed me a picture of her going down a bouncy slide with her face painted and her headband on her wrist.

Needless to say I was cryinnnnggg. Michael Jackson head ahhh!

The internet definitely appreciated the weird photos with the tweet receiving over 297,000 likes at time of writing (June 22).

hilarious childhood photo michael jacksonhilarious childhood photo michael jacksonUNILAD

Mia exclusively spoke to UNILAD about the pictures:

My mum took my twin sister, me and my little brother to a carnival. We all got our faces painted.

Tigers were and still are my favourite animal so it’s a no brainer that I’d want to be painted as one. But I didn’t get to pick and they did an owl. They painted my eyelids so that when my eyes were closed it looked like an actual owl.

There was a big bouncy slide that you could go down and they tell you not to jump down it because you’ll go flying.

No one was around and I’m a little a**hole so I decided I wanted to jump down at the top of the slide on my way down so I can go higher. Knowing that I’ll go flying I took my favourite headband off and wrapped it around my hand so I didn’t lose it.

I jumped down, I went flying, I got scared, I shut my eyes and screamed, and my mum snapped a picture at the most perfect time and realised that she gave birth to a Michael Jackson look-a-like!

Mia Sarubbi when she was a childMia Sarubbi when she was a childUNILAD

Mia added she couldn’t believe how much the tweet blew up.


She concluded:

It’s weird and I have mixed emotions. I found those pictures when I was in high school so over six years ago. I think the last time I brought them out was over a year ago.

It’s odd for six million people to see a photo of me from when I was in fourth grade!

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