Woman’s Perfect Response To Man Who Says Women Who Drink Pints Should Work On Building Sites

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A woman has delivered the perfect response to a man who said females who drink pints should work on building sites.

In 2018 there’s no need for gender stereotypes but there are still people who have these negative attitudes.

One guy, Joe Braden, who decided to share his views online.

Last year he tweeted:

Females that drink pints should automatically be given a CSCS card and be sent to get that scaffolding up.

While over 4,000 people gave the tweet a like, presumably finding it funny, many were outraged by Joe’s comments in the replies.

Mark wasn’t having any of Joe’s nonsense, replying:

Hahah Jesus how fragile must your masculinity be that you get uncomfortable at a woman drinking a pint? Can’t make this s**** up!

Another user was left unimpressed, tweeting:

Or how about you let females drink what they want? Don’t exactly see how it affects you

Eleri, kindly reminding Joe that beer was invented by women, commented:

Considering your ‘manly’ beer would have never existed if it wasn’t for women but kk x enjoy x

However, 20-year-old Georgia Black had the best response of them all calling Joe out in the most brilliant way.

Tweets like Joe’s are only posted online for one reason only – to rile people up.

But Georgia didn’t let him have the satisfaction he wanted, instead responding to the tweet by having a laugh about his comments.

woman response drink pints construction uniladUNILAD

Sharing a photo of her CSCS card, part of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme required by people to work on any construction site, Georgia posted a screenshot of Joe’s tweet next to it.

She proudly wrote:

Canna believe my years of drinking pints are finally paying off!!


woman response drink pints construction uniladUNILAD

Working as a lab technician, Georgia exclusively told UNILAD why she replied to Joe’s tweet.

She said:

I’ve worked on site for about a year now and passed my test before I started working there. The actual card can take some time to come through the post but I was pleased to finally have it and wanted to share my achievement on Twitter.

I saw the tweet quite a lot when Joe originally tweeted it and it made me laugh about the stereotype of people with CSCS cards and those that drink pints. It’s obviously a stereotype I fit.

A few of my friends had actually sent me the tweet as it was very fitting for myself. I think that’s why I remembered it.

woman response drink pints construction uniladUNILAD

While Georgia admitted she doesn’t really receive any criticism about being a woman working in construction, she is aware it is out there.

She added:

I’ve met a lot of people that have been taken aback when I tell them what I do for work but never really get any negative comments regarding it.

I really enjoy my job and am quite passionate about the industry and women in construction. I think the stereotype of only men should drink pints is absolutely ridiculous though.

We do too, Georgia. Hopefully one day this stereotype will be a thing of the past!

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