You Can Now Get A Temporary Tattoo Of Your Best Friend’s Face

by : Julia Banim on : 24 May 2018 13:55
temporary tattoo of your best friend's facelilimandrill/Etsy

Your best friend is quite literally, the best, in every sense of the word. The best laugh, the best drinking partner and the best person to pick you back up when this big lonely world throws you yet another curveball.

For me, all my troubles are left firmly outside once I’m sat in the pub with my best mate, sharing the sort of reminisces and in-jokes which would seem very strange to anyone else.


Being an adult involves so much small talk and weather chat, and so it’s such a relief when you have someone who you can truly be your silliest, realest self with.

And what better way to celebrate their head-to-toe awesomeness than to wear their perfect face proudly on your skin for all to see and admire?

temporary tattoo of your best friend's face.lilimandrill/Facebook

Of course, getting anybody’s face inked onto your flesh, forever, takes some serious commitment.


I would personally only ever suggest this course of action when it comes to your furry, four legged pals who’ll never let you down and are always excited to see you.

However, when it comes to your human companions, there’s another way: all through the magic of temporary tattoos.

Beautiful, custom made temporary tattoos are available from Etsy seller lilimandrill, expertly hand drawn by graphic design trained Lise Grossmann.

If you’re interested in heartwarming best bud stories – and of course you are – check out the following clip:


These tattoos are a dream for the indecisive among us, lasting for a total of three glorious days. You can buy a pack of ten, or even 500 if you plan on declaring your bestie love over and over for the next few years.

These tattoos truly are as unique as the bond between you and your bestie, with creative Lise dedicated to replicating the finest details of a person’s face.


Lise, who lives in Normandy, told UNILAD:

We make custom portrait stamps, tattoos, mugs and drawings. We started in 2008 and made more than 8459 portraits since.

Each portrait is different and made by hand. No photoshop effect.

I make drawings by hand from a customer’s photo. He can see a proof before we make the products.


As well as BFF portraits, artistic Lise also creates single portraits, couple portraits, family portraits and even pet portraits.

Lise explained to UNILAD:

Our products are used for weddings, bachelorette parties, holiday cards and birthdays.

Besties everywhere are loving these sweet tributes to friendship, penning glowing reviews on the Etsy shop.

One happy reviewer enthused:

Lise did a wonderful job portraying us both in the stamp, was easy to work with and very timely. I’m obsessed with our stamp and may be overusing it currently.

Another said approvingly:

The tattoos are amazing! The artwork is spot on!

I mean, sure you could get a couple’s tattoo – and Lise certainly gets plenty of orders for personalised wedding favours – but what better way to shout about the lesser declared love between bestie and bestier?

Can’t wait to get ordering mine!

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